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Explosion Protection Systems for Your Commercial and Industrial Facilities

There are five key elements that must come together in order to produce a deflagration explosion. These are fuel, oxygen, a confined space, dispersion, and a source of ignition. Several elements can cause an ignition including a flame, welding arc, frictional or electrostatic sparking, and spontaneous combustion. At Getz Fire Equipment Company, we offer equipment that can form an explosion protection system designed to help you contain and suppress these sources of ignition.


The term ‘deflagration’ refers to a propagating combustion wave. The leading edge of this wave, which travels slower than the speed of sound, has a flame front to it which quickly increases its speed and ultimately transforms into a high-pressure shockwave. This pressure shockwave and associated flame will develop into an explosion if the pressure of the wave cannot be suppressed.

Professional Solutions

At Getz Fire Equipment Company, our team consists of trained and experienced personnel who are able to help you uncover the optimum solution for managing and minimizing the risk of explosion in your facility. Modern industry and the increases that have occurred in production capacity, along with the continual operations present at process facilities have created a potential threat of explosion. Companies must address these risks effectively every day in order to help ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

We represent IEP technologies which is a major leader in venting, isolation and explosion protection. We stock many of the parts you need to recharge or service your fire protection system. This can come very handy for your maintenance needs pertaining to dust collectors, grain elevators and other similar pieces of equipment. Our team can help you determine the most appropriate equipment for your facility.

Emergency Preparation

The quality we provide at Getz Fire Equipment Company when it comes to fire protection equipment and services is second to none. We not only provide some of the best high-quality products in the fire protection industry, we also retain highly trained specialists who understand the equipment and services necessary to ensure proper fire protection in commercial and industrial settings. If you require fire protection, explosion protection, first aid and other safety supplies, security or high-pressure cleaning services, be sure to contact us today.

What is a Halon Fire Extinguisher and Who Needs It?

Having a Halon fire extinguisher on hand in the event of fire is one of the most important safety steps for any worksite. Halon is a type of clean agent and is different than the average fire extinguisher. It is seen as the most ideal fire extinguisher but for many locations. As a clean agent, it is an electrically and non-conductive firefighting tool. It is also ideal for volatile and gas-related fires. What’s most unique about this type of extinguisher is that it does not create a residue when it evaporates. In many situations, this is ideal. The key benefit of Halon is its ability to extinguish a fire without damaging the assets it is protecting. It is a great option for manufacturing, aviation, electronic and computer environments.

How Does It Work?

The Halon fire extinguisher uses a compressed gas that is liquefied to function. To stop the fire from spreading, this liquid form of compressed gas will disrupt the combustion chemical process. Unlike other types of fire extinguishers, the material coming out of this type does not put humans at risk as it is very safe for human exposure.

When Should It Be Used?

Many environments will benefit from this type of fire extinguisher. Specifically, it is ideal for Class B events involving flammable liquids; Class C events involving electrical fires; And, it works well for most Class A events such as common combustible fires. Because of its versatility across Classes, it is overall a good choice for most environments where the risk of fire is present.

For most needs, having a Halon fire extinguisher on hand is important. Though several types exist, most are designed to be easy to use and very reliable. They are non-toxic and therefore suitable for many types of environments.

CPR Training Could Empower Managers to Reduce Serious Risks

The investment in workers’ compensation insurance is not an option for most employers. Facing fines for a workplace accident is not a good experience. Yet, many companies can take steps to help shore up the skills their managers have to reduce the worst outcomes in these situations. With CRP training and other safety training, it is possible to reduce the severity of situations when they occur. This can help to protect your employees’ wellbeing while also empowering your leaders to take steps to safeguard employees.

Who Should Have CPR Training?

Any long-term employee or management individual should have this type of safety training. It is important to recognize that this type of training is not difficult to perform once an individual is taught how to do so. Additionally, this is a skill that you and your employees can use throughout your lifetimes.

Why Should Employers Invest in It?

CPR training is an excellent solution for high-risk environments. Yet, even small offices should have employees trained in this very important area of safety. Employees and managers trained in CPR can immediately take steps to help those in need. Whether it is a customer or a fellow employee, they have the tools and experience to jump in and to provide immediate medical help. This small and easy training very quickly saves lives.

CPR training can also be an effective way of helping to reduce the biggest risks on the job site. No matter what type of work location is present, the proper level of safety training gives everyone in that location the confidence they need to know someone can help them. It may help to reduce the number of safety violations that occur, or the number of employees hurt on the job when managers have a keen sense of safety practices.

Intercom Systems Change Daily Operations in Any Location

Every business today faces an increasing number of security risks. In such a volatile world, it is very important to have the most upgraded and comprehensive solutions available. Not only to ensure you can operate safely but also to give your employees the peace of mind they need. Intercom systems can offer that level of peace. With the right system, you can reduce security risks while increasing overall productivity.

What Should a System Offer for Security?

The best intercom systems available today provide a wide range of features that provide enhanced security. For example, they allow for remote control – business managers can access the ability to open doors or unlock areas without having to move to that location. This ensures individuals have ample control without any slowdown of day to day activities.

By providing a visual confirmation, there is less risk. The person operating intercom systems for a business not only has a pass or key, but the employee can actually see the individual through the camera system. This provides an extra layer of protection. It is far easier to deter someone that wants to enter for the wrong reasons when they are unable to get into a locked door.

To ensure proper productivity, it is also important to choose a system that integrates into the business’s current surveillance and card access systems. This ensures a simple level of access and also that no one has to leave the security of their desk.

Intercom systems available today can enhance security and improve employee productivity. Most importantly, they have become one of the most valuable investments today’s businesses can make. Securing employee safety is critical to preserving the company’s reputation as an employer.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection: A Simple Process To Protect Your Business From A Costly Fire

If you own a business, fire sprinklers are most likely not the first thing on your mind. They sit overhead at all times and should activate due to a fire. This is what you expect the sprinkler system to do during an emergency. The good news is these systems rarely fail while they are in working condition. Sprinkler systems aren’t perfect and do require inspection regularly. Proper inspection at regular intervals will ensure that your system does not fail when needed.

Regular Inspections: The Key To Avoiding Issues

Without a doubt, a fire sprinkler inspection is necessary from time to time. An inspection will help your business avoid potential issues. Inspections can catch problems in the sprinkler system before they worsen. For instance, an annual inspection might uncover damage to the sprinkler heads or a closed valve. Your company’s sprinkler system needs to be operating in optimal condition for the best fire protection. A quick inspection ensures problems are corrected.

What happens if you skip these inspections?

There is a rare possibility that nothing will go wrong if you forgo a fire sprinkler inspection. In fact, your company may never suffer a fire or have to deal with its effects. This is taking a gamble on your business and the lives of those in your building. Regular fire sprinkler inspections not only give peace of mind, but they ensure that your system will always be in good shape and ready to prevent the spread of a fire. The damage a single fire could not only cost your business thousands of dollars, but it could take a life. The liability you place your business under is not worth skipping the required inspections. Don’t assume a fire won’t happen!

Basic sprinkler setups can save your business from burning to the ground. Fires start and grow rapidly, but a sprinkler can cut off the fire before it starts roaring. A system that is compromised in any way may not stop a fire. For that reason, you cannot assume your system is ready to tackle a fire if an inspection has not been recently performed.

The Frequency Of Inspections

Every business should follow the minimum requirements for inspection intervals shown in NFPA 25, the Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems.

You Want An Optimal Fire Sprinkler System!

Maintaining your company’s sprinkler system is an easy process. Regular inspections prevent the system from being compromised through wear or malfunction. From there, you will know your business location is safe and protected from harm. It really is that simple as getting your system inspected today!

At Getz Fire Equipment Company, we aim to provide businesses with the best service possible. Contact us today to schedule your fire sprinkler system inspection.

Popular Fire Extinguisher Services and Their Importance

Most of us never have the intention of being involved in a fire. However, through unfortunate circumstances, the risk of a fire in the workplace or home is ever-present. Whether it is a kitchen, electrical, smoking or heater fire, most would agree it is crucial we have fire extinguisher services in place. Three of the more common types of fire extinguisher services are fire suppression systems, fire alarms, and fire sprinklers.

Workplace Fire Suppression

When trying to maintain the safety of employees and customers, one option to consider is a fire suppression system. There are varying types of fire suppression systems to guarantee that there is an option to best fit your company. Unlike a normal handheld fire extinguisher, fire suppression systems can release an extinguishing product quickly and efficiently throughout all rooms. They are controlled either manually or automatically and programmed to activate during specific conditions.

Fire Alarms

It is likely that many of us have fire alarms in our businesses to alert occupants and give them the time required to evacuate and escape a fire no matter the size of building. Fire alarm systems must meet local, state and national codes. Additionally, it is recommended that professionals aid in the installation to ensure the unique needs of each different building is met and the alarm works properly. From a hotel to a restaurant to doctors and lawyers offices, each business will benefit form a working fire alarm.

Fire Sprinklers

Water is well-known as an arch nemesis of fire, but there are other ways a fire sprinkler system can help you besides extinguishing the flames. Fire sprinklers can also reduce the heat and levels of smoke that occur during a fire, making them one of the most popular fire extinguisher services available on the market. They can respond well before the firefighters are able to arrive. Fire sprinklers are capable of being installed in almost any area to cover every inch of a building.

When considering various types of fire extinguisher services, study the size and type of building you are needing to protect. Getz Fire are experts in installing and maintaining all sorts of fire extinguisher products. If you are in need of fire prevention help, we are just a click or call away.

Things You Need to Know Before Shopping for Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

When buying an extinguisher for your business, it is easy to forget about how you are going to store it. Some people keep them in hallways or maintenance rooms, but they run the risk of getting damaged and being out of reach when needed most when stored there. A fire extinguisher cabinet makes your device accessible to everybody, protecting it from dirt, dust, accidents, and even theft.

Before you begin searching for one, there are a few things you should consider.

Indoors or Out?

For outdoor devices, plastic fire extinguisher cabinets are ideal. They provide additional protection from the elements that you normally would not get with different material cabinets. Plastic can also work indoors and is often the cheaper option for those on a tighter budget. The downside to plastic indoors, is that it is not as aesthetically pleasing.

The material more suitable for indoor cabinets would either be steel or aluminium. Each material offers a different benefit. Aluminium is the lightest of the three and stainless steel is naturally rustproof.

How Heavy is Your Extinguisher?

Extinguishers come in all different weights and sizes. The fire extinguisher cabinet you choose must be able to support the weight of your device.

You can check the weight of your extinguisher by referring to the classification code on the side of the body. For example, you will see ‘10 B:C’ on your device and can compare it to a classification chart.

What type of cabinet you choose is less important in this regard than the quality of material used and stability of construction. For extinguishers in the highest weight brackets, it is certainly worth considering a higher quality cabinet to avoid any issues in the future.

What kind of mount?

Most cabinets are designed to be mounted on the wall to ensure ease of use and accessibility to the extinguisher. How you mount your device will be determined largely by the regulations and building codes in your establishment. You will want to have researched these regulations prior to choosing which mount you will use. For instance, there are many cases where a surface mounted cabinet that hangs outside of the wall is prohibited for commercial office spaces.

Recessed and semi-recessed fire extinguisher cabinets that sit inside the wall are a lot harder to install. One benefit for this mount is in the security of the device and is more aesthetically appealing. Another benefit being that it passes inspection quite easily and meet ADA requirements.

If you’d like to know more, contact us today for information on our wide range of extinguishers and fire extinguisher cabinets.

We Bring You Expert Fire Protection Systems; Let Us Protect You Further with Your Security

Our goals and targets are always designed to protect your organization. Thinking in collaboration with protecting your people and your building, we will ensure that all your security systems meet your precise requirements as part of our commercial security solutions.

Commercial Security Is Different from Residential Security

A different style of planning and installation is required for commercial security solutions. This is due to the limited number of people that will visit your personal property in contrast to a commercial environment that will bring high numbers of employees, visitors, and other individuals to your front door and beyond.

Our aim is to ensure that through the provision of our commercial security solutions, your organization can perform efficiently and effectively without security arrangements hindering your operation.
We are completely adept with the most recent and traditional technology that is used in a variety of ways to protect your premises. We know that you will be able to count on us to provide you with a security system that will meet your needs whatever they are. We aim to provide the level of security that is necessary to operate in the modern marketplace.

Our security systems can be arranged to work in tandem with fire detection. This is to ensure your intrusion detection, video surveillance and access control can be installed, managed and maintained by our trained experts.

We will need to inspect your property with you due to the varying needs of each organization. We will almost certainly be able to introduce you to commercial security solutions that you may not even be aware we offer.

Our goal is to meaningfully reduce any of the threats related to theft and unwanted intruders on your property as well as perform a high level of fire protection.

The Importance of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Iowa

Your commercial kitchen operation must meet stringent standards in Iowa. For example, kitchen exhaust cleaning is vital for safety and efficiency. There are many companies for you to choose from for this job. However, Getz Fire Equipment Company helps you in many ways. The following are several reasons to consider us for your needs.

Limit Downtime

Without regular kitchen exhaust cleaning in Iowa, your food service business cannot stay in operation. It wouldn’t take long to violate both safety and fire codes as your staff is dealing with greasy buildup in the exhaust system and all over the kitchen. When you use a professional cleaning service like Getz, you have proof your system has been properly cleaned.

Exhaust System Inspections

What happens if a belt breaks on your exhaust fan? Your commercial kitchen must shut down until someone can fix the problem. Getz offers inspections to help prevent these things from happening. If we notice you need a new fan belt, we’ll replace it before it breaks. We also adjust belts and make sure fan motors are properly lubricated so they last longer and give you better performance.

Fire Prevention

Getz kitchen exhaust cleaning in Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois lessens the chance for kitchen fires in your place of business. We also offer Omni containment. Omni is a specialized grease containment system for your roof. It prevents grease from saturating your roofing, and this lowers your risk of roof fires.

Cleaner and Healthier Work Environment

When your kitchen ventilation system stays fresh and clean, the air is easier to breathe. This creates a safer work environment for everyone in the kitchen and lowers the chances for respiratory irritations, allergies, colds, and other problems. Call Getz today at 1-800-747-3473 to see what we can do for you.

Class K Fire Extinguisher | Definition and Uses

Class K fires are fires with substances such as the animal and vegetable fats present in commercial cooking oils and greases. These types of fires can only be effectively quenched with a Class K fire extinguisher. It is vital for businesses to have the proper firefighting equipment on hand in order to have success when encountering dangerous fires that can occur in the commercial kitchen. At Getz Fire Equipment Company, we can provide you with the information you need to effectively use Class K fire extinguishers.

The Characteristic of Class K Fires

Class K fires have certain similarities to Class B fires (those fueled by petroleum products), due to the fact that they both involve flammable liquids. Class K fires grow at a rapid pace when liquids and material such as cooking oils, cooking grease, animal fats, and vegetable fats serve as the fuel source.

Kitchen Fires

Commercial kitchens are often the site of high-volume cooking activities which produce large amounts of grease or oil. A class K fire extinguisher is necessary to have close by in order to effectively suppress and defeat the fires that are most likely to occur in these locations. A class K fire extinguisher should also be used in conjunction with a fire suppression system. At Getz Fire Equipment Company, we can give you advice on the specific type of fire extinguisher you need in your kitchen. It is important to understand that a Class B fire extinguisher may not adequately deal with certain fires involving oils and fats cooked at very high temperatures. These fires may only be defeated efficiently with a Class K fire extinguisher.

Dry and Wet Agents to Extinguish Class K Fires

A Class K fire extinguisher uses a fine wet mist consisting of an alkaline mixture, such as potassium acetate, potassium carbonate, or potassium citrate that forms a soapy foam as it is applied to the cooking oil or other substance, quenching the steam, vapors, and the fire’s risk of re-ignition.

For more information about how you can utilize Class K fire extinguishers effectively to fight these dangerous fires, contact us today at Getz Fire Equipment Company.