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Commercial Security From GETZ: The Necessary Components to Keep Your Business Safe

Commercial Security From GETZ: The Necessary Components to Keep Your Business Safe

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How to Suppress a Kitchen Fire

Any size fire can make people panic. They need to know the appropriate fire extinguisher to deal with a fire before it becomes so large that you need to contact the fire department. We help you teach your employees how to use fire extinguishers and select the correct and appropriate model every time. For example, a kitchen fire involving fat, oil or grease requires a class K fire extinguisher.

This is a supplement to your fire suppression system, and it is a requirement that it is installed in commercial kitchens. It is to be used after the suppression system has been activated. Using a water-filled extinguisher will only exacerbate your problem, and could spread the fire further across your kitchen.

Do Not Leave Your Cooking Without Staying in The Kitchen

Setting some food to cook and going outside for a short break may be a regular habit for many employees, but by leaving the food unattended, any cooking environment could rapidly turn into a fire. This is true when you leave combustible material, like paper towels, wooden utensils or food packaging close to the cooking area. You will quickly need to turn to the aid of your class K fire extinguisher, providing you have been properly trained in its use.

Prevent a Buildup of Fat, Oil or Grease in Your Kitchen

While cooking is the backbone of your kitchen, keeping your kitchen clean is also paramount. Without proper cleaning, you will experience a buildup of flammable materials. In the event that these materials do catch fire, the flare up can be kept under control by the quick action of an individual trained with a class K fire extinguisher as part of the fire suppression system.

The addition of smoke alarms close to your kitchen will help bring a small fire to your attention at the earliest possible moment. If you never leave the kitchen while food is cooking and at any time when you’re catering equipment is live, or hot, you will save yourself from experiences you choose to avoid.

We can supply you with products and training for the purchase and use of class K fire extinguishers and other models for virtually every type of fire that you may meet in your business.

Why Cleaning Your Kitchen Exhaust System Prevents Fire

The exhaust system in cooking areas within any high-traffic establishment can become dirty very quickly. Over time, grease levels can build to the point where a fire can easily ignite, endangering both workers and clients, and causing potentially catastrophic damage to the building itself. Organizing a kitchen exhaust cleaning and maintenance schedule is vital if you are to reduce the risk of grease fires in the, specifically in areas that you cannot see the buildup.

Do Your Students Cook as Well As Employees?

Do your cooking facility’s employees know all the necessary safety procedures to effectively handle a fire if one occurs? Everyone should know how to use portable fire extinguishers for small fires, as well as evacuation procedures for if a fire gets out of control.

Your workers may be unaware that grease is building up in your exhaust system. You will need to explain why kitchen exhaust cleaning is an important procedure that management must supervise.

Procedures for Training

We can organize training for your employees so that they become fully conversant with the use of proper equipment and continuous cleanliness within your kitchen environment. Learning how to use fire extinguishers is important, particularly knowing which fire extinguisher to pick up when a given emergency occurs.

All people cooking within your facility must quickly learn that the dedication is not only to cooking, but cleaning. Equally, they must learn regular maintenance procedures, and how to organize a program that includes kitchen exhaust cleaning to ensure that the kitchen a clean, safe place to work in.

When your role is to ensure the safety of your employees and client, kitchen exhaust cleaning will become one of your top priorities. We can help you understand what needs to be done, how often and provide all the equipment necessary. Call us today: 800-747-3473.

Is Your Delicate Electronic Equipment Protected from Fire?

Computer and lab equipment may be damaged beyond repair when they are affected by a fire. Keeping a halon fire extinguisher as part of your Iowa Fire equipment may save your data because halon is a relatively clean agent. It is a compressed gas that halts the spreading of fire by disrupting the combustion, chemically. It does not leave a residue after evaporating.

This is extremely helpful around delicate equipment, as the residue of other firefighting equipment agents can damage fragile equipment.

How halon fire extinguishers operate

As a Halon fire extinguisher discharges as a gas, it proves extremely valuable for use in tight spaces, which explains its use within the aircraft industry. Your Iowa Fire equipment arsenal will not be complete without a Halon fire extinguisher. Having one readily available around delicate computer or lab equipment can save you from devastating fire damage. For the technically minded, Halon is effective for class B flammable liquid fires and class C electrical fires. It is also valuable for class A fires, usually linked with common combustibles. Having been proven as an extremely useful chemically stable compound, these extinguishers have been available for decades, both for their fire and explosion protection abilities.

We will be pleased to discuss these and other Iowa Fire equipment to ensure that you create the best protection for your workplace or home. It is our wish to ensure that you have the right products to complete the best job should the occasion occur when a fire breaks out within your property.

CO2 Fire extinguishers and Safety

While many individuals are to be trained in the use of portable fire extinguishers for use in their workplace, families are unlikely to attend an efficient training course in how to use water, dry chemical, or CO2 fire extinguishers at home. Most of the safety advice learned during your working life is equally effective at home.

Good Sense and Fire Preparation Planning

There are good reasons why smoke alarms are installed in various locations around your office or factory space, and especially around kitchens, fireplaces and bathrooms. They are to warn you, and provide you with sufficient time to be able to deal with the problem, or evacuate the building.

For those at higher levels in the building, you should know and understand your escape route and, how to bring down safety ladders when required. For the same reason, understanding the layout of your building will help you choose a second escape route if your first option is blocked.

CO2 Fire extinguishers are color-coded and different from other extinguishers. They should be only used to deal with specific fire types. Since adding water to an electrical fire will make the problem worse, a CO2 fire extinguisher should be used. However, you should know what problems could occur by using an incorrect model. If you are unsure about the differences, we are available to help clarify things for you.

Once Trained, Help Your Community

Simply understanding which type of fire requires which class of extinguisher could make the difference that can save lives. Also, when you are able to contain a fire within a small area, the damage will be more limited, and your insurance claim will also be easier to complete. These can be compelling reasons why your community, perhaps your neighborhood watch committee, or homeowners’ association, can arrange to learn proper emergency fire containment.

Whether you need to purchase new products, learn the basics about each model, or arrange further training for your employees, we are the experts for all your fire extinguisher and safety equipment requirements. Contact us today: 800-747-3473.

Learn About Fire Extinguishers For Different Classes Of Fires

Learn About Fire Extinguishers For Different Classes Of Fires

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3 Industries Which Certainly Require a Fire Extinguisher

We have all seen it at some point – in buildings, social places, and even on the streets. Fire extinguishers are one of the most utilized devices in terms of fire scenarios in modern times. Although many take them for granted, their overall importance can never be understated. At Getz Fire, we have made it our goal to help minimize the effects of fires in buildings and property in general. One way we are doing this is by providing top-notch fire extinguishers for industries to use.

Below are three main industries that are particularly vulnerable to fires and which need to have a fire extinguisher installed:

Hotel Industry
Where there is a hotel, there is most certainly a restaurant to match. Restaurants are usually subject to a lot of cooking of meals and this constant exposure to fire always comes with risk. Fire extinguishers are particularly important in a hotel since there are usually large numbers of people staying at the hotel, not to mention the valuable property and assets involved. Having a fire extinguisher placed in crucial locations can potentially save a lot of lives and property.

Welding Industry
Metal welding is most certainly not for the weak-hearted, but this is by no means to say that the strong should be overlooked in terms of safety. The likeliness of fires resulting from overheated metals and the fire-prone machinery is what brings attention to the need for high quality extinguishers in case of emergency.

Schools, Hospitals and other Social Buildings
At Getz Fire, we understand very well that places where there are a lot of people and activities have the potential to see casualties if proper safety measures are not taken. If schools, hospitals and the like can be equipped with extinguishers, then the safety of people within these buildings can be enhanced.

This is not to say that other sectors in the economy are free from fire hazards. On the contrary, fire can ignite wherever the possibility exists. Taking advantage of our quality fire extinguisher equipment is an excellent option that can stop a fire from spreading and getting out of hand.

What You Need to Know About Fire Alarm Systems in the Workplace

Many emergencies can happen within a workplace, and the severity may vary upon each working environment. One of the most plausible emergencies, however, is the occurrence of fires. Every company needs to have at least a means of detecting the presence of fire. At Getz Fire, we have some specialized detection products, which can work very well for fire detection in your company.

Although the issue of fire is highly popularized, many companies still do not take the issue by the neck and resolve it for the long haul. Here are a few things to know about our fire alarm systems that will perhaps give you something to ponder as far as employee safety is concerned.

Potential to Save Lives

Our alarm systems are designed to detect the smallest of fires early in their development. This provides more time for all the people in a building to regroup and exit as soon as possible before the situation becomes worse. As such, these alarms have the ability to save lives.

Different Types and Models

Not all alarm systems are the same. This is because we understand that there are different people working in different companies and their structuring may not necessarily be the same. More recently, we introduced the SignFire detector, which includes a specialized camera that tracks the smoke to its source. Aside from this, we also offer a wide variety of specialized detection products which can prove very valuable in fire emergencies.

A Valuable Investment

Lastly, some companies may view fire alarms as yet another expense in their already stretched budget. Compare that with the pressure of dealing with losses worth millions as a result of an avoidable fire incident. When you look at it from that perspective, these systems will indeed prove worth the cost.

At the end of the day, every life is worth the cost, and for this reason, we have committed ourselves to providing safety measures in the workplace in the form of technologically enhanced fire alarm systems for the safety of all personnel and property. We handle installation from start to finish as well as service and inspections, so be sure and contact us about your fire alarm needs.

Why Companies Should Be Familiar with CPR Training

The importance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation training in the workplace can never be overstated for the simple reason that it indeed saves lives. It’s not uncommon for someone in the workplace to undergo cardiac arrest, and if one does not know what to do in the short term to assist the victim, it could have fatal results. At Getz Fire, we have professionals in CPR Training who can offer the necessary knowledge on how to handle such emergency situations.

Every workplace environment needs to have personnel who are trained in delivering CPR for a number of reasons:

Reduced Accidents

The training we offer at Getz Fire is professionally recognized and as such, it can minimize the chances of accidents in the future. When employees are trained in CPR, we give a very high emphasis on safety and this, in turn, creates more awareness on safe practices in a place of business.

CPR Training – A Life Saver

As we mentioned above, a lot of lives can be saved in the workplace as a result of CPR training. A large number of people over the age of 40 die from cardiac arrest, but a large percentage could have been saved. Our training therefore goes a long way in minimizing these casualties in the workplace.

Minimized Confusion and More Employee Integration

It can be a daunting experience when a colleague is experiencing cardiac arrest. This panic can lead to loss of time and consequently to the untimely demise of the individual. Through our CPR training, employees are more prepared to tackle such scenarios in a professional and timely manner with little panic and more integration.

CPR and First Aid Training

Companies need to ensure their employees are trained to offer first aid and resuscitation. For these reasons, companies should consider enrolling for a professional CPR training through our team at Getz Fire as this can go a long way in saving the lives of employees.

Find out more information about our CPR and First Aid training program by visiting our website today. Contact us to schedule a class which can be taught at your business location.

6 Fire Pump Inspection Tips to Guide You Along

Fire pumps are primarily used to make sure you have enough of a water supply. It increases the pressure for fire suppression, which makes it a key part of your fire safety system. If you have one in your facility, then it’s crucial that your fire pumps are in top form. After all, you never know when a fire emergency might break out. It’s best to be prepared, in case that happens. That’s where pump inspections come in.

Importance of Regular Fire Inspections

Don’t expect fire protection systems to last and work perfectly fine forever. Inspections are necessary to maintain the operational efficiency of your system. With regular inspections, you can monitor the state of your fire protection system and turn up or catch any problems or issues early on. You can seek out repairs or replacements to keep those problems from getting worse as well.

Inspections, Testing, and Maintenance

A pump inspection, along with testing and maintenance, can only be carried out by qualified persons. To ensure compliance with safety standards, schedule a maintenance and service check. Weekly and monthly tests are recommended, along with annual inspections and flow tests on the pump, to ensure that your system is still in tip-top shape.

Inspection Timeline

Here’s a look at how inspections for your pump and fire protection system will go:
Weekly. Inspections usually focus on the fire pump system, pump house, as well as heating and ventilating louvers.

Monthly. This one includes testing and inspection of the pump operation for electric motor systems under no-flow conditions.

Annual. This includes checkup of the pump alarm signals along with testing of diesel and electric pumps under flow conditions.


First and foremost, maintenance of your fire protection system’s pump, along with all of its parts, must be done in complete compliance with the recommendations and standards set out by the manufacturer. Make sure the inspection specialist you choose is familiar with your system.


If there are any problems with your fire protection system, don’t hesitate to call in the pros for help and assistance. By calling in inspection experts on fire pumps, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your system is in good, qualified hands.

Call Us at Getzfire

Your fire protection system saves lives, but that’s only possible if your system actually works. That’s why inspections matter. Don’t take risks with your life and those of your team, employees, or tenants. Hire experts to inspect, test, and maintain your fire pump and fire protection system. For more information, contact us at Getzfire.