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Why Companies Should Be Familiar with CPR Training

The importance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation training in the workplace can never be overstated for the simple reason that it indeed saves lives. It’s not uncommon for someone in the workplace to undergo cardiac arrest, and if one does not know what to do in the short term to assist the victim, it could have fatal results. At Getz Fire, we have professionals in CPR Training who can offer the necessary knowledge on how to handle such emergency situations.

Every workplace environment needs to have personnel who are trained in delivering CPR for a number of reasons:

Reduced Accidents

The training we offer at Getz Fire is professionally recognized and as such, it can minimize the chances of accidents in the future. When employees are trained in CPR, we give a very high emphasis on safety and this, in turn, creates more awareness on safe practices in a place of business.

CPR Training – A Life Saver

As we mentioned above, a lot of lives can be saved in the workplace as a result of CPR training. A large number of people over the age of 40 die from cardiac arrest, but a large percentage could have been saved. Our training therefore goes a long way in minimizing these casualties in the workplace.

Minimized Confusion and More Employee Integration

It can be a daunting experience when a colleague is experiencing cardiac arrest. This panic can lead to loss of time and consequently to the untimely demise of the individual. Through our CPR training, employees are more prepared to tackle such scenarios in a professional and timely manner with little panic and more integration.

CPR and First Aid Training

Companies need to ensure their employees are trained to offer first aid and resuscitation. For these reasons, companies should consider enrolling for a professional CPR training through our team at Getz Fire as this can go a long way in saving the lives of employees.

Find out more information about our CPR and First Aid training program by visiting our website today. Contact us to schedule a class which can be taught at your business location.

4 Reasons Why CPR Training Should Be on Your List

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or more popularly known as CPR is a basic lifesaving technique. It helps keep blood flow into the heart and brain even after cardiac arrest. This helps buy some time for the person, at least until medical help arrives. Take a look at the following facts to know why learning how to perform this basic medical technique matters:

Most attacks happen at home

According to Healthy Safety, over 70 percent of all cardiac as well as breathing emergencies happen at home. That means having one or two people in your household who has undergone proper CPR training can make a difference between the life and death of someone in the family.

It saves lives

About 300,000 people have a heart attack in the US every year. Given what the numbers say, it’s highly likely that you would one day find yourself in a situation to help out a loved one or stranger. If you have the proper CPR training, then you can help. You won’t have to stand along the sidelines, wringing your hands in worry over the fate of someone you love.

It’s not being used enough

Not a lot of people use it to save someone undergoing cardiac arrest. Most are not properly trained and thus, are afraid that they might harm the victim even further. With proper knowledge of how the technique is carried out, though, you can easily and confidently take over a situation in case a medical emergency arises, giving the victim a chance to live.

It’s easy to learn

It’s not rocket science or surgery. Besides you already see a lot of it on TV. You only need to know what the basics are and to keep those in mind. First, put one of your hands right on the center of the victim’s chest. Then put your other hand on top of that one. To create enough force to pump the heart, interlace your fingers. Then press down on the chest about two inches and then let go. Do this quickly. Also, you must do it at least 100 times a minute. You’ll soon discover this is hard work. But every second—don’t stop until help arrives—is going to be well worth it. Having someone you could take turns with too is a huge help.

So train and get certified. And when the time comes, when your CPR training proves handy, you’ll know you made the right call.