3 Industries Which Certainly Require a Fire Extinguisher

We have all seen it at some point – in buildings, social places, and even on the streets. Fire extinguishers are one of the most utilized devices in terms of fire scenarios in modern times. Although many take them for granted, their overall importance can never be understated. At Getz Fire, we have made it our goal to help minimize the effects of fires in buildings and property in general. One way we are doing this is by providing top-notch fire extinguishers for industries to use.

Below are three main industries that are particularly vulnerable to fires and which need to have a fire extinguisher installed:

Hotel Industry
Where there is a hotel, there is most certainly a restaurant to match. Restaurants are usually subject to a lot of cooking of meals and this constant exposure to fire always comes with risk. Fire extinguishers are particularly important in a hotel since there are usually large numbers of people staying at the hotel, not to mention the valuable property and assets involved. Having a fire extinguisher placed in crucial locations can potentially save a lot of lives and property.

Welding Industry
Metal welding is most certainly not for the weak-hearted, but this is by no means to say that the strong should be overlooked in terms of safety. The likeliness of fires resulting from overheated metals and the fire-prone machinery is what brings attention to the need for high quality extinguishers in case of emergency.

Schools, Hospitals and other Social Buildings
At Getz Fire, we understand very well that places where there are a lot of people and activities have the potential to see casualties if proper safety measures are not taken. If schools, hospitals and the like can be equipped with extinguishers, then the safety of people within these buildings can be enhanced.

This is not to say that other sectors in the economy are free from fire hazards. On the contrary, fire can ignite wherever the possibility exists. Taking advantage of our quality fire extinguisher equipment is an excellent option that can stop a fire from spreading and getting out of hand.