Be Prepared with CPR Training

CPR – Cardiovascular Pulmonary Resuscitation – is a life-saving technique that “breathes” for a person until medics can arrive. It involves compression of the chest, combined with assisted breathing by the giver. The American Heart Association releases guidelines for the safe administration of CPR. In this case, there is one big question that must be answered in the case of a medical emergency: how do you know if someone needs CPR? After all, if you perform CPR when it is not needed, it can be dangerous for an injured person. The best way to learn how to do CPR in the right situations is to get intensive CPR training.

Part of Getz Fire Equipment Company’s mission is to provide life-saving CPR training, and other important safety information, to those who may need to help victims in a state of medical emergency. Our CPR training will prepare learners to properly identify if someone needs CPR, and how to administer it properly if the situation calls for it:

The course covers:

  • Identifying if a victim is breathing
  • Checking for a heartbeat
  • How to identify situations where to perform CPR would be to put your own life in danger – such as if an electrocution victim might still have contact with live wires
  • Correct technique in administering CPR

Professional CPR training services like ours focus on two primary things: The victim’s pulse and breath. If a person is not breathing, and they do not have a pulse, it i have a pulse, it’Rires s breakign be answered in the case of an emergency s almost certain that they need CPR. They may die without it. Thankfully, training can quickly teach how to properly administer CPR in all the right situations. By getting the proper training, learners can gain the skills to save someone’s life, and that is a very important skill to have both on and off the job.

Thousands of people are able to save someone’s life every year, and it is not just medical and fire/safety professionals who should take an interest in this matter. If you have friends and family that you love, there is a chance that one day they will need life-saving CPR. If you have not received training for this, or do not know what to look for before performing CPR, then you might lose someone you love. In an ideal world, everyone would receive training for CPR, but for now, companies like Getz strive to help educate people and provide training for professionals who are in the business of saving lives. They continue to offer important courses and direction about CPR and the things to look for before performing it.