Businesses Operating with Unique Hazards Require Specialized Fire Suppression Systems

Several unique application hazards require investment in specialized fire suppression systems. Businesses involved in anything from airline hangars, to museums and archives can benefit from fire suppression systems specially designed for their unique application hazards. Getz Fire Equipment is a dedicated supplier and service provider for various specialized fire suppression systems. Experienced staff, paired with a great selection of top-brands and models make us the easy choice for businesses across Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. Not sure what fire suppression system will best protect your facilities? Reference this quick guide on the various specialized fire suppression systems we offer, and the unique advantages of each.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

clean agent fire suppression system

Available from trusted names like Siemens, Fike, FireTrace, and ANSUL, clean agent fire suppression systems are designed to leave no chemical residue, and will not impact the condition of equipment adjacent to the flames. Applications like museums, archives, computer rooms, and data centers all hold exceptionally valuable, sometime irreplaceable equipment that cannot be exposed to things like water or harsh chemicals. These suppression systems typically use a foam or gas-based extinguishing agent.

Dry Chemical and Foam Systems

fire suppression system

Any application dealing with flammable liquids like oils, gasoline, and paint booths should not use water or liquid-based fire suppression systems. If you were to use these systems on liquid fire, you pose a significant risk of splattering and spreading flaming liquids throughout the space – ultimately making the situation worse. To mitigate this risk, we offer a number of dry chemical and foam-based systems that smother the flames without displacing any liquids. These systems work by cutting off the fire’s oxygen, eliminating its source of fuel and extinguishing it quickly.

CO2 Systems

CO2 fire suppression systems

CO2 systems are effective fire suppression systems, with zero chemicals, foams, or liquids used. Relying on pure CO2 gas, these systems are designed for unique applications like printing presses, turbine generators, and dip coating applications that cannot have any exposure any moisture or chemicals. These systems work by displacing the oxygen fueling the flames, and replacing it with carbon dioxide. Once activated, this system works exceptionally quickly, with zero residue and quick dissipation from the air.

Water Mist Systems

water mist fire suppression systems

A new alternative to pre-action sprinkler systems and even CO2 systems, water mist fire suppression works to extinguish flames with minimal liquid exposure and zero chemicals. Functioning much like a conventional pre-action sprinkler system, water mist systems can be connected directly to a waterline or to a dedicated tank, and are pressurized through a nitrogen or pump-based system. Some common applications for these systems include industrial ovens, paint booths, gas turbines, and hydraulic presses. They can also be a great alternative for any application that doesn’t want to deal with potential flooding from sprinkler-based systems.

Getz Fire Equipment dedicates our business to providing the very best fire safety equipment, installation services, certified fire extinguisher training, and routine maintenance services. Our technicians are experienced with all the brands and models we sell, and can help you select the perfect option for your needs. Give us a call us today at 800-747-3473, or check out our website to browse our impressive inventory.