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Fire Extinguisher Cabinets | The Importance of Safety and Accessibility

It is necessary to have the proper measures in place in your facility if you are going to adequately protect your employees and clients. Fire extinguishers are an essential tool of protection when it comes to mitigating the threat of fire. These devices must be protected properly in order to ensure their proper operation when[...]

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Things You Need to Know Before Shopping for Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

When buying an extinguisher for your business, it is easy to forget about how you are going to store it. Some people keep them in hallways or maintenance rooms, but they run the risk of getting damaged and being out of reach when needed most when stored there. A fire extinguisher cabinet makes your device[...]

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Why Your Fire Extinguisher Always Needs a Cabinet

There is one simple reason why the purchase of fire extinguisher cabinets is so important for the safety of your employees and visitors; they keep the fire extinguisher in an exact position so it is always available for use. Should the time arrive and a small fire needs putting out before you lose control, having[...]

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