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Restaurant Fire Suppression | How It Works

If you own a restaurant, you understand the importance of safety protocols for your establishment. Having your employees trained in the use of fire-safety devices and equipment is highly important. Maintaining this equipment and keeping it clean is another important aspect of fire safety as well. One important feature of fire safety is restaurant fire[...]

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What are the Types of Fire and Their Suppression Methods?

When you need to purchase fire extinguishers for your business, it is important to ensure you buy the right type of equipment. Fires fall under different classifications depending on the fuel source involved. Extinguishers are rated according to the types of fires they put out effectively. At Getz Fire Equipment Company, we can provide you[...]

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What is a Class D Fire Extinguisher? What is it Used For?

The source of ignition of any fire determines the type of substance required to combat that fire effectively. With the right equipment and knowledge of the type of fire, you can have confidence that the fire you’re facing will be quenched as quickly as possible. For example, Class D fires begin when combustible metals such[...]

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