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Fire Sprinkler Inspection: A Simple Process To Protect Your Business From A Costly Fire

If you own a business, fire sprinklers are most likely not the first thing on your mind. They sit overhead at all times and should activate due to a fire. This is what you expect the sprinkler system to do during an emergency. The good news is these systems rarely fail while they are in working condition. Sprinkler systems aren’t perfect and do require inspection regularly. Proper inspection at regular intervals will ensure that your system does not fail when needed.

Regular Inspections: The Key To Avoiding Issues

Without a doubt, a fire sprinkler inspection is necessary from time to time. An inspection will help your business avoid potential issues. Inspections can catch problems in the sprinkler system before they worsen. For instance, an annual inspection might uncover damage to the sprinkler heads or a closed valve. Your company’s sprinkler system needs to be operating in optimal condition for the best fire protection. A quick inspection ensures problems are corrected.

What happens if you skip these inspections?

There is a rare possibility that nothing will go wrong if you forgo a fire sprinkler inspection. In fact, your company may never suffer a fire or have to deal with its effects. This is taking a gamble on your business and the lives of those in your building. Regular fire sprinkler inspections not only give peace of mind, but they ensure that your system will always be in good shape and ready to prevent the spread of a fire. The damage a single fire could not only cost your business thousands of dollars, but it could take a life. The liability you place your business under is not worth skipping the required inspections. Don’t assume a fire won’t happen!

Basic sprinkler setups can save your business from burning to the ground. Fires start and grow rapidly, but a sprinkler can cut off the fire before it starts roaring. A system that is compromised in any way may not stop a fire. For that reason, you cannot assume your system is ready to tackle a fire if an inspection has not been recently performed.

The Frequency Of Inspections

Every business should follow the minimum requirements for inspection intervals shown in NFPA 25, the Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems.

You Want An Optimal Fire Sprinkler System!

Maintaining your company’s sprinkler system is an easy process. Regular inspections prevent the system from being compromised through wear or malfunction. From there, you will know your business location is safe and protected from harm. It really is that simple as getting your system inspected today!

At Getz Fire Equipment Company, we aim to provide businesses with the best service possible. Contact us today to schedule your fire sprinkler system inspection.

The Value of Professional Fire Sprinkler Inspection Services

If you want your fire suppression system to work properly when you need it, you should consider frequent maintenance. If a machine breaks down, you lose money from downtime. If your fire sprinklers fail during a fire, you could lose your entire Illinois business, and people might suffer serious injuries. Here are some important reasons to consider professional fire sprinkler inspection services from Getz Fire Equipment Company.

Maintenance – What You Need To Do

Whenever you make changes or improvements to your sprinkler system, it needs an inspection. This is not just recommended, it’s required by NFPA 25. This code from the National Fire Protection Agency sets the standard for maintenance, inspection, and testing of fire protection and suppression systems which are water-based. Here are some of the changes that need fire sprinkler inspection in Illinois:

  • Building use – a factory or warehouse might turn into an apartment building
  • Facility improvements – includes a change of layout or design
  • Addition or subtraction to water supply
  • Water meter replacement
  • Back-flow prevention equipment changes

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Keeping your sprinkler system in good condition can save you money on insurance. In fact, some companies offer rebates for effective fire suppression systems. Savings are sometimes as high as ten percent. On the other hand, if your system has problems and the insurance company finds out, you could be looking at increased premiums.

Safety Tips

In addition to routine maintenance, these tips can help you avoid problems:

  • Don’t hang things from the sprinklers
  • Don’t paint or decorate sprinklers
  • Avoid placing materials close to sprinkler heads
  • Check control valves to make sure they are open

In Illinois, contact a professional fire sprinkler inspection service like Getz Fire Equipment Company at 1-800-747-3473. We can take care of all your fire suppression needs.