Class K Fire Extinguisher | Definition and Uses

Class K fires are fires with substances such as the animal and vegetable fats present in commercial cooking oils and greases. These types of fires can only be effectively quenched with a Class K fire extinguisher. It is vital for businesses to have the proper firefighting equipment on hand in order to have success when encountering dangerous fires that can occur in the commercial kitchen. At Getz Fire Equipment Company, we can provide you with the information you need to effectively use Class K fire extinguishers.

The Characteristic of Class K Fires

Class K fires have certain similarities to Class B fires (those fueled by petroleum products), due to the fact that they both involve flammable liquids. Class K fires grow at a rapid pace when liquids and material such as cooking oils, cooking grease, animal fats, and vegetable fats serve as the fuel source.

Kitchen Fires

Commercial kitchens are often the site of high-volume cooking activities which produce large amounts of grease or oil. A class K fire extinguisher is necessary to have close by in order to effectively suppress and defeat the fires that are most likely to occur in these locations. A class K fire extinguisher should also be used in conjunction with a fire suppression system. At Getz Fire Equipment Company, we can give you advice on the specific type of fire extinguisher you need in your kitchen. It is important to understand that a Class B fire extinguisher may not adequately deal with certain fires involving oils and fats cooked at very high temperatures. These fires may only be defeated efficiently with a Class K fire extinguisher.

Dry and Wet Agents to Extinguish Class K Fires

A Class K fire extinguisher uses a fine wet mist consisting of an alkaline mixture, such as potassium acetate, potassium carbonate, or potassium citrate that forms a soapy foam as it is applied to the cooking oil or other substance, quenching the steam, vapors, and the fire’s risk of re-ignition.

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