CO2 Fire extinguishers and Safety

While many individuals are to be trained in the use of portable fire extinguishers for use in their workplace, families are unlikely to attend an efficient training course in how to use water, dry chemical, or CO2 fire extinguishers at home. Most of the safety advice learned during your working life is equally effective at home.

Good Sense and Fire Preparation Planning

There are good reasons why smoke alarms are installed in various locations around your office or factory space, and especially around kitchens, fireplaces and bathrooms. They are to warn you, and provide you with sufficient time to be able to deal with the problem, or evacuate the building.

For those at higher levels in the building, you should know and understand your escape route and, how to bring down safety ladders when required. For the same reason, understanding the layout of your building will help you choose a second escape route if your first option is blocked.

CO2 Fire extinguishers are color-coded and different from other extinguishers. They should be only used to deal with specific fire types. Since adding water to an electrical fire will make the problem worse, a CO2 fire extinguisher should be used. However, you should know what problems could occur by using an incorrect model. If you are unsure about the differences, we are available to help clarify things for you.

Once Trained, Help Your Community

Simply understanding which type of fire requires which class of extinguisher could make the difference that can save lives. Also, when you are able to contain a fire within a small area, the damage will be more limited, and your insurance claim will also be easier to complete. These can be compelling reasons why your community, perhaps your neighborhood watch committee, or homeowners’ association, can arrange to learn proper emergency fire containment.

Whether you need to purchase new products, learn the basics about each model, or arrange further training for your employees, we are the experts for all your fire extinguisher and safety equipment requirements. Contact us today: 800-747-3473.