Differences Between Fire Suppression Systems

Proper selection of any fire safety equipment is crucial to protecting employees and customers from the threat of a fire. For many applications, this means installing the fire suppression system fit to handle any unique hazards in the facility. Getz Fire Equipment is proud to deliver a vast selection of fire suppression systems for businesses and industries across Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. Since your system is designed for years of use, it is especially important to make an informed purchase, and select the proper agent for your needs. To help you get a better understanding of the different fire suppression systems commonly used today, we have laid out the key differences, benefits, and intended applications for each system type below:

Pre-Action Sprinkler Suppression Systems

Pre-action sprinkler systems use pressurized water as the key fire-suppression agent. Two separate events must occur for this system to discharge. The first is from the detection system which will open the pre-action valve and allow water to flow through the pipes. The second event occurs when a sprinkler head activates from extreme heat. To avoid significant water damage throughout the facility, these systems are designed to only activate over areas of extreme heat. Any application with conventional fire hazards like paper, textiles, and wood will most likely find a pre-action sprinkler system to be the perfect option. Getz Fire Equipment offers these systems from brands like Fike and Kidde.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Some unique applications like large computer rooms, museums, archives, and data centers have extremely valuable and sensitive inventory that require fire suppression agents that will not harm equipment unaffected by the flames. Brands like Siemens, ANSUL, Fike, and FireTrace all offer these systems, using specialized agents that will leave zero chemical residue, and preserve the original condition of the items.

Dry Chemical and Foam Systems

Flammable liquids like oils, paints, and petroleum pose a significant risk for many manufacturing and processing applications. Since these liquids are often lighter than water, using conventional water-based sprinkler systems can cause an even greater fire danger, with the heavier water quickly sinking to the bottom, and spreading the liquid flames throughout the space. To avoid this significant danger, these applications use a dry chemical or foam-based fire agent. These work to actively smother the flames, and extinguish them by cutting off the supply of oxygen. Many chemical and oil processing plants rely on these systems.

CO2 Systems

Some exceptionally unique applications may require a fire suppressant that uses zero water, chemicals, or foam. Turbine generators, liquid dip and spray applications, and printing presses are some examples of these specific applications. CO2 systems work to actively displace all oxygen that fuels the fire, and replaces it with carbon dioxide. This effect causes the flames to be extinguished efficiently and effectively, while leaving minimal residue. Additionally, the CO2 gas will dissipate from the space quickly, and make it safe to enter afterwards.

Water Mist Systems

One of the latest innovations in fire suppression technology, water mist systems are designed to work much like CO2 systems, with minimal damage to surrounding equipment, and zero chemical exposure. These systems work via a nitrogen-based or pump-based system that work with a direct waterline. Since these use minimal water, they are able to suppress both common fire hazards and special hazards – depending on the needs of your application. Some of the most common applications you will see water mist systems used include hydraulic presses, turbines, industrial ovens, and in any application that wants an advanced alternative for their pre-action sprinkler system.

Businesses across Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri trust Getz Fire Equipment for their selection and installation of advanced fire suppression equipment. Come to us with your exact application needs, and we will guide you to the perfect fire safety system for you. Give us a call us today at 800-747-3473, or check out our website to browse our impressive inventory.