Explosion Protection Systems for Your Commercial and Industrial Facilities

There are five key elements that must come together in order to produce a deflagration explosion. These are fuel, oxygen, a confined space, dispersion, and a source of ignition. Several elements can cause an ignition including a flame, welding arc, frictional or electrostatic sparking, and spontaneous combustion. At Getz Fire Equipment Company, we offer equipment that can form an explosion protection system designed to help you contain and suppress these sources of ignition.


The term ‘deflagration’ refers to a propagating combustion wave. The leading edge of this wave, which travels slower than the speed of sound, has a flame front to it which quickly increases its speed and ultimately transforms into a high-pressure shockwave. This pressure shockwave and associated flame will develop into an explosion if the pressure of the wave cannot be suppressed.

Professional Solutions

At Getz Fire Equipment Company, our team consists of trained and experienced personnel who are able to help you uncover the optimum solution for managing and minimizing the risk of explosion in your facility. Modern industry and the increases that have occurred in production capacity, along with the continual operations present at process facilities have created a potential threat of explosion. Companies must address these risks effectively every day in order to help ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

We represent IEP technologies which is a major leader in venting, isolation and explosion protection. We stock many of the parts you need to recharge or service your fire protection system. This can come very handy for your maintenance needs pertaining to dust collectors, grain elevators and other similar pieces of equipment. Our team can help you determine the most appropriate equipment for your facility.

Emergency Preparation

The quality we provide at Getz Fire Equipment Company when it comes to fire protection equipment and services is second to none. We not only provide some of the best high-quality products in the fire protection industry, we also retain highly trained specialists who understand the equipment and services necessary to ensure proper fire protection in commercial and industrial settings. If you require fire protection, explosion protection, first aid and other safety supplies, security or high-pressure cleaning services, be sure to contact us today.