The fire extinguishers rating system may be affected by its required disposal method. If you are uncertain about the method required, check with your local government or fire department for the specific disposal requirements in your area.

What happens when a fire extinguisher expires?

You may be able to have specific components of a fire extinguisher repaired, especially if the unit is relatively new and rechargeable. If you are unsure whether you should replace or repair an expired or damaged extinguisher, call Getz Fire Equipment Company for an inspection. We can provide you with professional advice based on our evaluation.

If it becomes necessary to replace your fire extinguisher, you are not permitted under the law to simply throw the unit away. Fire extinguishers are designated as hazardous material and need to be disposed of properly.

If properly cared for, a fire extinguisher should last at least a decade. When a dry chemical fire extinguisher reaches this age, it should undergo hydrostatic testing to ensure the integrity of its outer shell. If the fire extinguisher passes this test, you may recharge the unit and continue using it for several years.

Are old fire extinguishers recyclable?

Most fire extinguishers are made from steel, which is a recyclable material. If the extinguisher is empty, squeeze the trigger to verify that the unit is not holding any pressure. Then remove the valve. When this is done, you can take the canister to a recycling center that processes steel. However, if your extinguisher is partially or completely full, you can have your local fire company discharge the unit for you in a safe manner. Then, after removing the top, you can take it to a recycling facility. The fire company may even handle the recycling for you.