Fast Fire Protection for Challenging Fire Hazards

There is nothing to mess around with when it comes to fire hazards. Conventional fires started by paper and wood are challenging enough. Adding in special hazards such as oil and gas, chemicals, and valuable equipment makes effectively battling these flames especially difficult. Offering systems for industrial fire suppression, restaurant fire suppression and clean agent fire suppression in Illinois and Iowa, Getz Fire can guide your business towards the ideal solution to keep your application fully protected from fire without the risk of unintended damage. Here are how our several systems work.

Foam and Dry Chemical Systems

Foam and Dry Chemical Systems

Applications handling various types of oils and gases pose the risk of liquid fires that cannot be put out with conventional water techniques. Since water is heavier than oil and gas, attempting to use traditional extinguishing practices on these types of fires results in the water immediately sinking to the bottom of the liquid fire, resulting in dangerous splatter and spreading of the flames. In order to prevent the liquid from being moved and splatter while still effectively suffocated the flames, we offer dry chemical and foam-based fire suppression systems that work just as well as your common sprinkler alarm system.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

We all understand the tremendous damage fires can cause. Despite this, there are instances where a small fire could activate sprinkler systems that cause irreparable water damage in rooms unaffected by the flames. Settings like museums, art galleries, large electronics/super computer rooms, and CNC manufacturing plants can all benefit from clean agent fire suppression technology to minimize any potential damage to exceptionally valuable, sometimes priceless items. Having a clean agent fire suppression system can help ensure all flames are put out without the use of water. Getz Fire offers Ansul, Fike, Kidde, and Firetrace systems, with many using Co2 as their primary fire-fighting agent.

No matter which system you choose, you can count on us to deliver the best fire suppression systems on the market. Every system we offer is thoroughly tested and proven effective, with a comprehensive manual that documents the entire system. Included in this manual are blueprints of the system as-built, flow calculations, various test results, a certification report, and information on our warranty. Fire safety is nothing to mess around with. Trust the professionals at Getz Fire to deliver the highest quality fire safety systems you can buy. Interested in learning more? Call us today at 800-747-3473, or visit our website to request a free quote.