Fast Fire Protection for Challenging Hazards

Conventional fire extinguishers are a top-choice for homeowners and businesses looking to provide a fire suppression tool for conventional fire hazards. When it comes to hazardous material fires, however, the standard chemical agents used in these extinguishers have proven to be ineffective, and even unsafe. Getz Fire special hazard fire suppression systems deliver quick and safe high-hazard fire protection to businesses throughout the Midwest. Our staff is proud to design, install and service the following systems:

Carbon Dioxide System

The use of a CO2 chemical agent allows this system to effectively eliminate high-hazard fires without any liquid involved. Zero residue being left behind makes this system ideal for areas with expensive equipment that is especially sensitive to water.

Foam-Based System and Dry Chemical-Based System

High-heat, low-density liquid fires are often not extinguishable with standard water or chemical agent-based systems. Spaces with large concentrations of flammable liquids – like aircraft hangars and large petrochemical warehouses – rely on a foam-based or dry chemical system to effectively smother the flames without potential spread. Water from a standard sprinkler system has a much higher density than fuel, making them immiscible liquids that will separate whenever possible. Variations in density like this causes fuel splatter, which would actually aid in spreading the fire, versus stopping it. Additionally, many chemical agents like CO2 are evaporated from the excessive heat.

Water Mist Systems

One of the more recent innovations in fire safety systems, water mist systems are an effective solution for extinguishing fires without a flood of water to deal with afterwards. Operating much like a Carbon Dioxide System, the mist covers all surfaces with minimal residue, and even adds a cooling effect.

Our special hazard fire protection systems are specifically designed for unique fire hazards, such as deep-seated fires, electrical fires, chemical or gas fires and more. We also offer a number of clean agents like Novec 1230, FM-200, FE-13, and Argon that are effective as non-electrically conductive clean agent suppression systems.
Getz Fire offers a variety of specialized high-hazard fire equipment, including specialized fire extinguishers and fire alarm systems. Headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, we offer our fire alarm systems and suppression systems to numerous businesses throughout the Midwest. Backed by 60 years of innovation and experience, Getz Fire can help you design and implement the perfect high-hazard fire alarm system and fire suppression system for your unique application. Additional information on how our special-hazard fire suppression systems work is available on our website, along with a contact form to get you started. Reliable fire safety solutions are essential for keeping any application safe and minimize damage in the event of a fire. Call Getz Fire today at 800 747 3473, or visit our website to find out how we can set you up with high levels of protection for your home or business.