Fire Alarm System Options for Commercial Fire Safety

Fire emergencies are a major threat in many workplace environments, and your ability to prevent and suppress fires is paramount to protecting your employees and property from harm. It is vital for any building, facility, or workplace setting to have an effective fire detection system in place. At Getz Fire Equipment, we offer fire alarm system products that provide the warning essential to limiting damage during the beginning of a fire.

Although most people are familiar with how deadly fires can be in both commercial and residential environments, some organizations simply do not have sufficient fire mitigation measures in place.

Protecting Human Life

At Getz Fire Equipment Company, we provide fire alarm system products that enable you to detect small fires in their initial stages of development. With these early warnings, people within the area are given more time to take action, or to escape to safety. Properly trained employees, given proper warning, can use in-house firefighting equipment such as fire extinguishers to suppress an incipient stage fire, or such early detection can allow professionals to be notified more quickly..


The differences amongst types of fire alarm systems can be great, and every facility is different in terms of its structure and floor plans. Due to these variations, it is important to have a properly laid out fire defense strategy that includes a fire alarm system that will effectively protect lives and property.

One particular product we offer is the SigniFire detector. This innovative detector can track down the smoke of a fire to its initial source. We also offer additional fire detection products to help your business or organization deal with potential fire emergencies.

An Important Investment

Having an effective fire detection system in place to prevent the spread of a dangerous fire that can result in loss of human life as well as thousands, if not millions of dollars worth of property damage is a valuable investment.

At Getz Fire Equipment, we can provide you with fire alarm safety system products that will help you protect the safety of your employees and your property. Also, be sure to ask us about our training and fire sprinkler inspection services. Call today: 800-747-3473.