Fire Risks During Any Time of the Year

It is no secret that fire puts out extreme heat. Because of this, many of us may only think about real fire dangers when the weather is a

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lso hot (i.e. the summer months). This is far from the truth! While some areas may have heightened fire danger during droughts often experienced in the summer, the general risk for a fire in your home, warehouse, or business stays the same throughout the year –  no matter rain, snow, or sunshine. Getz Fire Equipment supplies Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri with quality fire suppression equipment that helps protect people and property. To help you stay prepared and informed, reference this guide on the most prominent fire hazards, according to the season.

Winter and Fall Fire Hazards

For many of us, the colder fall and winter months represent a time of falling leaves, colder temperatures, rain, ice, snow, and increased time spent indoors. While higher moisture levels frWinter and Fall Fire Hazards om rain and snow may wade off many wildfires, increased reliance on interior heating systems, space heaters, and wood-burning fireplaces make the fall and winter months the most likely time for a house fire to occur. Additionally, any increased time spent in the kitchen around holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years can increase the risk of kitchen fires – one of the most common sources of fire in the home. Getz Fire recommends every homeowner fully equip their home with a fire alarm system, along with a Class A fire extinguisher for conventional fires, and a Class K fire extinguisher for handling fires started in the kitchen. A properly installed system, paired with proper training on how to use a fire extinguisher can help you stay prepared for any household fire.

Spring and Summer Fire Hazards

Most of us understand the inherent fire danger associated with extreme summer droughts. What we might not realize is that both the spring and summer months can pose many of the same fire dangers. With cooler temperatures and greater levels of rain, many individuals

Spring and Summer Fire Hazardsand businesses choose the springtime to perform controlled burns. While temperatures may be cool, and rain in the forecast, your area could still be undergoing drought conditions, making even controlled burns a potential hazard. For the more sunny days in late spring and summer, activities like grilling on wooden decks and outdoor fire pits can pose a major fire risk if not properly monitored and controlled. Lighting up some celebratory fireworks for the 4th of July? Make sure you keep a safe distance from your home, with no hazards like dry grass or brush that could potentially ignite.

Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall – having the proper fire suppression systems and equipment is an essential part of keeping your home or business safe. Don’t be left questioning your equipment in the event of a fire. Trust Getz Fire Equipment to help you source, install, maintain, and repair several advanced fire suppression systems, for years of consistent protection. Call us today at 800-747-3473, or check out our website to browse our impressive inventory.