Fire Safety Training for your Business

Fire Safety Training

Fire safety training for your business includes having employees learn to properly use equipment like fire extinguishers.

Workplace fires can quickly turn tragic if confusion and panic take hold. The likelihood of that happening is greater without adequate preparation.

Having trained personnel on site will go a long way toward protecting the safety of people and property. The process begins with a fire safety risk assessment performed by a fire professional to create a comprehensive plan suited to your needs. Once done, it’s time to train employees to:

  • Properly respond in an emergency.
  • Properly use firefighting equipment.


Performing a fire safety risk assessment.

fire safety risk assessment can help employers identify what needs to be done to prevent fires from occurring and to keep people safe when they do. An assessment typically reviews:

  • The emergency evacuation plan
  • Firefighting equipment in the facility
  • Available emergency routes and exits
  • The removal or secure of flammable substances
  • Implementation of fire-detection and warning systems
  • Employee fire safety training


Knowing how to respond properly.

Fire tragedies can occur when a small, controllable fire escalates into a large blaze. It is critical for employees to know exactly what to do when the fire is first identified to prevent its spread, if possible.

Fire safety training helps people know exactly what to do when the threat of a fire is present. When personnel are properly trained to respond to such emergencies, they can detect the signs of fire and act quickly.

Fire safety training should be carried out on a set schedule to refresh knowledge and skills—required for good decision-making in difficult situations.


Learning to use firefighting tools.

Training for fire safety is important to know how to escape an emergency, but also, in appropriate cases, to combat a fire with such equipment as a fire extinguisher.

Most workplaces have portable fire extinguishers on site. To avoid endangering themselves, it is critical for employees to know where extinguishers are stored and to understand their capabilities and limitations. Specialized equipment, for instance, is needed to douse electric and grease fires.

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