Fire Suppression Systems in Iowa

As a leader in the commercial and industrial fire alarm industry, Getz Fire Equipment Co. is a dependable source for the latest fire suppression systems in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri. With six decades of experience, we know how to blend tried and tested technology with the newest solutions to create the industry’s best fire-protection solutions.

Our project design and management staff handles projects of any size, and can seamlessly blend our alarms with other larger systems along with Emergency Communications and Mass Notification Systems.

Beyond traditional fire alarm systems, Getz offers a range of engineered fire suppression systems in Iowa and beyond. Our expert technicians also provide inspection and maintenance services to protect your property against disaster.

Carbon Dioxide Systems
Often referred to as the original “clean” fire suppressant agent, Getz Fire specializes in designing, installing and servicing carbon dioxide-based systems for a variety of businesses. These systems can protect your space from a number of common fire hazards, including Class A (deep seated), Class B (liquid), and Class C (electrical) fires. Some common examples include large engine rooms, printing presses and more.

Clean Agent Suppression Systems
Getz is an authorized distributor of clean agent fires suppression systems from brands like Ansul, Fike and Kidde. Specially trained on the features of each brand, our team can design, install, and maintain a clean agent fire suppressant system for your exact application. Every clean agent fire suppressant system we sell is safe for everyday spaces and can be used to protect various high-value items that cannot be exposed to wet chemical suppressants, such as large computer rooms or archived historical objects found in museums.

Room Integrity Testing
Having leaks in your clean agent fire protection system room can lead to a malfunctioning system that does not provide enough chemical suppressant to extinguish a fire. Our trained staff can perform an NFPA room integrity test using Retrotec hardware and software to pinpoint the source of the leak.

Foam Systems & Products
Ansul Foam products are designed and tested to perform together. When configured properly, Ansul foam agents, storage tanks, proportioning equipment, and discharge devices work together in an efficient system to provide a reliable and quick fire-suppressant power that lasts the test of time. Our trained professionals can install, maintain and service these quality fire suppressant systems for many years of continued protection.

Leak Location/Detection Systems
While it is helpful to know your fire suppressant system has a leak, discovering the exact location can prove to be difficult without a robust computerized monitoring system. Getz Fire offers our Permalert PAL-AT system to identify exactly where and when the leak first occurred to best help you stop the leak and prevent further leaks from occurring.

Flame/Gas Detection Systems
For the best in flame and gas detection equipment, Det-Tronics and MSA are some of the leading names in the industry. Getz Fire prides itself in being authorized distributors of these impressive systems, from industry leaders in optical fire and gas detection. Our specially trained staff can perform installation and field maintenance services to ensure these systems last.

Explosion Systems
Getz Fire proudly stocks IEP Technologies explosion protection systems for use in explosion isolation, venting and suppression. We stock all the necessary items and employ a staff of trained professionals to help you maintain and service these systems on a regular basis. An explosion protection system is an essential safety system for applications like grain elevators, dust collectors, pulverizing equipment and conveying equipment.

Getz offers an array of fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems and other fire-safety services. Contact our team today at 844-425-1000 or fill out our contact form. Our team is expert at installing and maintaining fire suppression systems in Iowa—to ensure you’re covered in the event of an emergency.