Getz Fire Equipment Company: Explosion Protection

Getz Fire Equipment Company: Explosion Protection

Explosion Suppression System

Explosion Suppression System

In order for a deflagration explosion to occur, there are five necessary elements: Fuel, oxygen, an ignition source, dispersion, and a confined space. Some of the most common sources for ignition include open flames, electrostatic sparks, welding arcs, and even spontaneous combustion. Combine all five of these elements, and the risk of an explosion occurring in your facility goes up significantly. Getz Fire is here to protect you and your business. We can help sell and service explosion suppression systems designed to exclude or contain the elements necessary for an explosion.

suppression system.

Explosions Defined

The scientific term for an explosion can be referred to as a propagating combustion wave, or deflagration. This wave travels at less than the speed of sound, with a leading flame that increases velocity quickly, eventually transforming into a high-pressure shock wave. This shockwave and leading flame can then be released at peak pressure levels, and turn into an explosion.


Local Explosion Protection in Illinois and Iowa

IEP Technologies

Today’s industrial processing and manufacturing facilities are running at greater capacities and efficiencies than ever before. Couple increasing production capacities with high-powered equipment, and it makes sense why explosions are a greater threat to facilities throughout Illinois and Iowa than ever before. Getz Fire is proud to distribute IEP Technologies

Fenwal Explosion Suppression Systems

IEP Technologies™ (Formerly Fenwal)—a globally recognized leader in systems for explosion suppression, venting, and isolation. We specialize in supplying the parts and services you need to maintain and recharge these systems over the years, helping you keep costs associated with downtime to a minimum. Some of the most popular applications for explosion suppression systems include grain elevators, dust collectors and more. Our team has years of experience to help you determine the right balance of venting isolation equipment, explosion detection equipment, and explosion suppression equipment—according to your unique application risks.

IEP Technologies has been worldwide-leaders in the development and production of explosion suppression equipment for over 60 years.

Explosion Detection System

Over the years, they have conducted thousands of explosion tests to best develop systems for suppressing, isolating, and venting combustible dusts and vapors. Technology, quality, and years of experience make IEP Technologies Getz Fire’s #1 choice for explosion protection systems.