Certified Fire Door Inspections

When it comes to fire door inspections, our team at Getz Fire Equipment Company can help you. Depending on the industry you are in, you may need a certified fire door inspector to come to your property and provide a comprehensive inspection of any fire doors on it. When you need reliable, fast service for this need, we encourage you to call us first. We have served the community by providing reliable service since 1957. Let us help you ensure you meet all required fire door inspections.

Fire Door Inspections Lowa

Our Team Knows the Rules

When you need fire door inspection solutions, turn to our experienced and trained professionals. We provide thorough, fair inspections to ensure your property remains safe. As one of the leading fire door inspection Companies in Illinois, we can work with you and your schedule to create the inspection report in no time. We look for things like the quality and condition of the door. There should not be any open holes or any type of break in the surface of the door. This should also be the same for any breaks in the frame. We also will look to ensure vision light frames, glazing, and glazing beads are present and intact. We want to be sure all components of the door – including the door itself, frame, all hardware, hinges, and other aspects are safe and noncombustible. It is these things that help ensure the door is safe.

As a certified fire door inspector, you can depend on us for fast, reliable service. Our comprehensive fire door inspection services are just a call away. We will arrive on time and get the job done for you right away. Contact us to learn more about the fire door inspections we offer.