Fire Pump Testing

Fire Pump Inspection and Testing Services in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri

With 59 years of experience in the fire and safety industries, we offer a range of services to our Illinois, Iowa and Missouri customers to keep fire pumps running properly. Thanks to our expertise in pump inspection and thorough fire pump testing services, we can ensure your water supply will be available for required fire protection.

Fire Pump Testing Iowa


When is a Fire Pump Required?

A fire pump is installed when a local water system does not provide enough water pressure to operate a sprinkler system. Pressure loss occurs at high elevation, like in a high-rise building or when stronger water pressure is needed for larger volumes of water in buildings such as storage warehouses. A pump is also used in situations where the water source is in a ground level tank.

How Does a Fire Pump Work?

The pumps can be powered by either a diesel engine or electric motor and in rare cases a steam turbine. Electric pumps can be connected to a transfer switch in order to utilize an emergency generator, in the event that a building code requires the pump to have a separate power source.

When pressure in the fire sprinkler drops below a specific level, the pump turns on. Pressure drops occur when one or more sprinklers are exposed to high heats that exceed their design parameters, causing it to open and release water. A drop in pressure can also occur when other connections related to firefighting are opened.

The different types of pumps include:

  • Horizontal and vertical split case
  • Vertical inline and vertical turbine
  • End suction
  • Jockey pump

A jockey pump is a small pump connected to the sprinkler system. It works in conjunction with the fire pump to help maintain a very high pressure in the piping system to create a severe pressure drop. This drop then triggers the fire pump to turn on once a single sprinkler is operated. Jockey pumps serve as a part of the fire pump’s control system.

Fire Pump Inspection Services Illinois

To ensure safety and compliance for buildings located throughout Illinois, we closely and consistently follow the National Fire Protection Association’s Code when providing our services.

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