Common Exhaust Deficiencies

  • Your exhaust fan(s) are not hinged properly or not at all, as per NFPA #96, 5-1.1. Please contact our Field Representative for installation.


Hinge Kit

  • Your electrical wiring is not the correct length and/or not in weatherproof cable, as per NFPA #96 5-1.1. Contact your electrical contractor to make the proper repairs prior to your next cleaning.


  • Your exhaust system is not liquid tight and it may leak grease/and or water. NFPA #96 2-1.2, 4-5.2.1. Contact a local sheet metal company for repairs prior to your next cleaning.


  • Your exhaust fan needs maintenance (i.e. belt, bearings, etc.) . Please contact our Field Representative to schedule service.
  • Your roof has excessive grease residue around the exhaust fan and roof damage may occur.

Grease Containment
Grease Guard 1

Grease Guard 2

  • Your exhaust system ductwork needs additional access panel(s) for cleaning purposes, as per NFPA #96 4-3.1, 4-3.4.1

DUCTMATE Access Panels
Access Door

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