Common Exhaust Deficiencies

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Common Exhaust Deficiencies For Kitchen Exhaust Systems

In order to maintain a healthy and safe restaurant kitchen environment, it is important to prevent any potential hazards from causing damage or even harm to your staff. If you fail to have kitchen exhaust cleaning services done, you could even risk the possibility of a grease fire sparked by an open flame. Here are some of the key deficiencies to look out for in order to ensure your exhaust system is running properly and safely:

  • Your exhaust fan(s) are not hinged properly or not at all, as per NFPA #96, 5-1.1. Please contact our Field Representative for installation.


Hinge Kit


Kitchen Exhaust Systems

  • Your electrical wiring is not the correct length and/or not in weatherproof cable, as per NFPA #96 5-1.1. Contact your electrical contractor to make the proper repairs prior to your next cleaning.

Electrical Wiring Deficiencies

  • Your exhaust system is not liquid tight and it may leak grease/and or water. NFPA #96 2-1.2, 4-5.2.1. Contact a local sheet metal company for repairs prior to your next cleaning.

Exhaust System Leak

  • Your exhaust fan needs maintenance (i.e. belt, bearings, etc.). Please contact our Field Representative to schedule service.
  • Your roof has excessive grease residue around the exhaust fan and roof damage may occur.

Grease Guard Cleaning Grease Containment Grease Guard


  • Your exhaust system ductwork needs additional access panel(s) for cleaning purposes, as per NFPA #96 4-3.1, 4-3.4.1. Please contact our Field Representative to schedule service.

DUCTMATE Access Panels

Duct Access Door

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