Class D Fire Extinguisher

Class D fires involve combustible metals such as potassium, aluminum, sodium, and magnesium. These fires are less common than Type A and Type B ignitions, but must still be dealt with properly in order to mitigate the significant damage they can cause. They can be handled effectively through the use of a Class D fire extinguisher. Iowa and Illinois businesses can help protect life and property by having one or more of these extinguishers on hand.


The metal fines that are generated from machining processes are common sources of fuel for Class D fires. In particular, manufacturing and industrial facilities, along with laboratories must have the proper equipment in place to quickly extinguish these fires. At Getz Fire Equipment, we can give you advice on the application of one or more Class D fire extinguisher units for your facility.

Combating Class D Fires

Water should never be used to extinguish a Class D fire as it will actually serve to energize the flames, potentially spreading the fire and creating additional heat and damage . The oxygen that fuels these fires must be eliminated in order to smother the flames. This is best done with dry powder extinguishing agents that are present in a Class D fire extinguisher. The agents that can effectively suppress these fires include graphite in powder form, or sodium chloride in granular form.

It is important to have proper training in order to effectively and safely use a Class D fire extinguisher. As a reliable leader in the fire protection industry, our team at Getz Fire Equipment Company is able to help you select the right portable fire extinguishers for your facility, and consult you on their operation. We can also give you guidance on proper extinguisher placement that is in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association Standards.

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