Class K Fire Extinguisher

Class K fires occur from substances like cooking oils which is why a Class K fire extinguisher is commonly found in commercial kitchens. Iowa and Illinois businesses must have the right equipment in their possession to successfully put out the potential threat and damage caused by these dangerous fires.

The Nature of Class K Fires

Class K fires are similar in nature to Class B fires in that they involve flammable liquids as the combustible material. A Class K fire will develop and expand quickly when materials and liquids such as vegetable fats, cooking grease, cooking oils, and animal fats are the fuel source.

Kitchen Fires

Class K fire extinguishers are highly useful and required for restaurant kitchens when industrial or commercial related cooking activities are involved. These extinguishers are used only when there is a built-in hood suppression system installed in the kitchen. Our team at Getz Fire Equipment Company can help you determine what type of extinguisher is required for your situation. For instance, a Class B fire extinguisher may not be sufficient to put out fires that involve certain high cooking temperatures for oils and fats. In these cases, a Class K fire extinguisher is required.

Class K fire extinguishers are a supplement to existing cooking equipment suppression systems so it is required to use your Class K extinguisher only after the fire suppression system has been activated and the fuel source to the cooking equipment has been shut off.

At Getz Fire Equipment Company, we can help you obtain the proper training for using Class K fire extinguishers to help ensure the fire protection readiness of your business or organization during a serious fire incident or emergency.

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