The Halon Fire Extinguisher – Uses and Benefits for Your Iowa or Illinois Business

If you have expensive or delicate electrical or electronic equipment such as lab equipment and computers, you can benefit from the effectiveness and reliability of a Halon fire extinguisher. Iowa and Illinois businesses and homes can utilize these extinguishers to mitigate various types of fires, such as those that occur in garages, vehicles, bedrooms, and kitchens.

You may utilize a Halon fire extinguisher to smother Class B, Class C and at times Class A fires. As a liquefied gas, the Halon in these extinguishers is pressurized with nitrogen gas. When the extinguisher is used it dispels the gas mixture as a vapor, resulting in no static or cold shock to the user and allowing for clear visibility of the target.

Fire Extinguishing Capabilities

The triple threat of oxygen, fuel and heat all combine to sustain and propel a fire to greater levels of intensity. Halon is an electrically non-conducting substance. As such it is very effective at defeating this ‘fire triangle’. The fumes from Halon gas are toxic when inhaled. Therefore, precautions should be taken by the user of a halon fire extinguisher.

Industry Use

The Halon fire extinguisher has been proven very effective in suppressing fires in the aircraft industry. Many electronics, aviation and manufacturing companies understand the benefit of using these extinguishers to effectively handle fires. The fire suppression agent in these extinguishers does not leave extra residue which helps prevent damage to assets.

Existing Halon Supply

Although new production of Halon is currently banned by the EPA, existing supplies of the gas and their use in Halon fire extinguishers are permitted to be used.

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