Power Washing

Best known for our various fire and safety equipment, Getz Fire Equipment can offer a surprising amount of services, including power washing services for your fleet of vehicles. Whether it is a car, van, truck, boat, semi tractor, trailer, bus or off-road equipment, our team at Getz Fire Equipment can take on the challenge and get it to pristine condition on-site.

To start the process, our team uses high-pressure machines that spray either hot or cold spot-free water, depending on the needs of the customer. We also bring various brushes and chemicals to ensure we are able to get any especially difficult layers off of your equipment surface.

Our team is mobile and able to come to almost any location, eliminating the need to move the vehicle or equipment. This could come in handy especially for those looking to begin the restoration process on an old boat or car, or anyone looking for a deep cleaning to help preserve their vehicle’s longevity. In addition to our thorough power washing services, we also offer engine cleaning, degreasing, and even radiator cleaning.

At Getz Fire, we are dedicated to bringing quality products and services across many industries. From fire alarm systems to equipment power washing, we are here to serve a wide breadth of customers. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help you meet your power washing needs.

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