Restaurant/Industrial Fire Suppression


From our locations in Illinois and Iowa, Getz Fire Equipment Company supplies the best, most reliable fire suppression systems in the industry. We employ over 115 skilled specialists, and work side-by-side with our clients to fulfill their needs and ensure they’re meeting local, state and national codes. Continuously working to improve our knowledge, we’re adept at pairing our clients with the latest protection solutions.

Industrial Fire Suppression Service

Take Preventative Action

Fires can break out in some of the most unexpected places. However, restaurant fires are common and demand preemptive action. Unfortunately, it’s easy for a cooking appliance to ignite a kitchen fire or for a fire in a building’s duct system to engulf the property. Many of the cooking supplies and appliances used in modern kitchens do little to combat fire hazards, and can actually increase them.

Restaurant Fire System

Fast and Reliable

Getz Fire offers industrial fire suppression solutions our customers need to protect their businesses, staff and patrons. We supply the full scope of fire alarms and suppression systems – guaranteed to secure everything from ducts and plenums, to cooking supplies and hoods. Whether you’re interested in automatic or manual Ansul systems, our solutions offer:

  • Reliable alarm activation
  • Speedy detection
  • Wet chemical discharge
  • Fuel supply cutoff

Why Choose Us?

With nearly 60 years in the industry, we’re fully familiar with our clients’ needs and standards. Our factory-trained, well-practiced employees can assist you with choosing, designing, building, and installing the ideal industrial or restaurant fire suppression system. Our year-round, fully insured services are licensed and approved by:

  • All required municipalities
  • State of Illinois
  • Department of Transportation