Restaurant Fire Systems


Restaurant or kitchen fires have always been some of the most dangerous because a fire can begin on a cooking appliance, or in a hood, or ductwork and quickly spread to involve the entire building. Statistics show that many restaurants never re-open after a fire. New enhanced performance cooking oils and increasingly efficient appliances, which operate at higher temperatures, have created an even greater fire hazard in today’s kitchens.


  • Over 5 decades of experience
  • Factory trained & certified employees
  • 24 hour, 365 days a year emergency service
  • Over 5 million dollars of liability insurance
  • Licensed by the State of Illinois (0058ABC)
  • Licensed by municipalities where required
  • Approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT B447)

fuse-linkGetz Fire Equipment offers a full range of restaurant fire suppression systems designed to protect cooking equipment, ventilating hoods, ductworks, and plenums. These systems are capable of either automatic detection and actuation or manual discharge of the wet chemical agent, fuel supply shutdown, and alarm activation. Getz Fire Equipment is factory trained and certified to install and service all Ansul fire suppression systems as well as Range Guard fire suppression systems and Buckeye fire suppression systems.