Special Hazard Fire Suppression


Carbon Dioxide Systems
The ORIGINAL “CLEAN” FIREFIGHTING AGENT — We design, install, and service Carbon Dioxide systems. They provide automatic or manual protection for hazards where Class A (deep seated), Class B (flammable liquid & gases), and Class C (electrical) fire may occur. Examples include: Diesel Engine Rooms, Printing Presses, Heat Treating & Quench Tanks, etc…

Clean Agent Suppression Systems
Getz is an authorized distributor of Ansul, Fike, and Kidde Fire Systems (A UTC Company) clean agent fire suppression systems. Our people are factory-trained in the design, installation, and service of these systems. All of the clean agents we sell are safe for normally occupied spaces and make an excellent choice for protection of your computer room, telephone switch room, archives, or any other vital hazards you might have.

Room Integrity Testing
A leaky room is the downfall of any clean agent fire protection system. The new NFPA room integrity test is a procedure developed to locate the sources of leaks and predict retention time, without discharging the agent utilizing Retrotec hardware & software. Our factory-trained technicians perform acceptance tests and periodic retests.

Foam Systems & Products
All Ansul Foam products are designed, tested, and listed to perform together. The Foam agents, storage tanks, proportioning equipment, and discharge devices provide a reliable system. Ansul’s quality products, coupled with Getz’s first rate service and maintenance, will allow you to rest easy knowing you’re protected. Applications include: Hangars, Heliports, Fuel Storage & Loading Racks, etc…

Leak Location/Detection Systems
In most monitoring situations just knowing you have a leak is not enough. You need to know where it is, where it started, when the leak occurred, and if there is more than just one. Getz can provide this type of information instantly with the Permalert PAL-AT system. Applications include: Computer Room Subfloors, Double Walled Tanks, Drop Ceilings, Pharmaceutical Storage, Museums, etc…

Flame / Gas Detection Systems
When you think of flame and/or gas detection you think of names like Det-Tronics and MSA, the industry leaders in optical fire and gas detection. Getz is an authorized distributor for the complete line of Det-Tronics and MSA products. We have factory trained personnel qualified to perform field service and ensure your system is operating properly. Perfect for: Hangars, Nuclear Surveillance, Printing Presses, Fuel Loading Stations, Coal Bunkers, Parking Decks, etc…

Explosion Systems
IEP Technologies (Formerly Fenwal) is recognized as the leader in explosion protection. Products for explosion venting, isolation, and even suppression are available. Getz stocks most of the items necessary to service your system. This allows for quick recharges to help you avoid costly downtime. A must for Grain Elevators, Dust Collectors, and all Pulverizing and Conveying Equipment.

Manufacturers We Represent