Carbon Dioxide


Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression

The agent of choice for thousands of applications over the past 80 years has been Co2. Whether you have a very small hazard that will merely require a few High Pressure tanks, or a very large and complex hazard that will require a Low Pressure system with tons of agent, Getz is the correct choice for the job.

You should consider Co2 for these, and many other applications you might have:






Hazard Fire Suppression

  • Gas Turbine Generators
  • Printing Presses
  • Flammable Liquid Storage Areas
  • Heat Treat Applications
  • Flammable Liquid Dip or Spray Applications

As with all of Getz’s Special Hazard systems, we can properly service your system, as well. We offer 24 hour service, 7 days a week, with system recharge capabilities that most others don’t have. This equates to the quickest possible response to your production needs.



Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression: A Proven, Versatile Fire-Fighting Solution

In order for a fire to burn, both oxygen and fuel are required. A carbon dioxide fire suppression option works by displacing the oxygen with carbon dioxide. Once a sufficient amount of carbon dioxide has been released, the fire is unable to sustain itself, and will eventually be extinguished. Carbon dioxide is widely used as an extinguishing option, and is suitable for a wide-range of applications.

A Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System Has Many Advantages

Carbon dioxide fire suppression choices have a number of benefits: carbon dioxide is largely inert and non-toxic. Once it has been released, it dissipates fairly rapidly, leaving the area safe to enter. Carbon dioxide does not leave a residue, making it ideal for environments where contamination or a mess could have major consequences. In addition, itis non-toxic, ensuring there is no risk to people nearby. Materials not affected by the fire will be safe for continued use, reducing the costs associated with fire damage.

Cost-Effective Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression

Every carbon dioxide fire suppression product we offer is made to an extremely high standard from top-quality materials. Featuring a range of hi-tech innovations, our fire suppressants are suitable for use in challenging environments, and can be used to tackle anything from small fires to much larger conflagrations. To find out more about our carbon dioxide fire suppression options, or for further information on anything else in our range, call us at (800) 747-3473.