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If your application is not a good fit for Clean Agent and/or Co2 protection, Getz has plenty of other options to get the job done. From Foam protection for Airplane Hangars and Load-Out Stations, to Industrial Dry Chemical systems for Paint Booth applications, Getz is positioned to find you the right protection for your hazard.



Click here for video showing partial discharge of a foam suppression systems Getz Fire installed at airport hangar


Good Selection of Foam Fire Suppression Systems

There are a number of situations where water or carbon dioxide are not the most appropriate or effective extinguishing agents. When flammable liquids catch fire, it is important to use an extinguisher that is capable of covering the entire fire, without causing it to spread further. In the case of petroleum-based liquids, for example, water is of little value because it is denser than the fuel, and thus immediately sinks beneath it, then the suppression agent evaporates due to the heat, causing the burning oil to spread further, and faster. In these sorts of circumstances, foam or dry chemical fire suppression systems are more suitable options.

Foam Fire Suppression Systems Have Several Benefits

Foam or dry chemical systems work by covering the burning material with a layer that is impermeable to oxygen. Deprived of its oxygen supply (one of the requirements for a fire to thrive) the fire will quickly die down. Both types of systems are lightweight to use, and cost-effective. This allows them to provide an optimal solution for niche environments where a prompt, effective response to fire is essential.

Reliable Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

We offer a selection of fire suppression options that give reliable, effective protection against fires of many different sorts. Ideal for commercial environments, each product we sell is constructed to a high standard and designed to ensure maximum performance. Our knowledgeable team is always available to offer product recommendations if required. To find out more, call us at (800) 747-3473. Our services are also provided in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri.