Getz Fire Alarm Services Include Early Warning Air Sampling Systems

Getz offers several fire detection products in Iowa that are highly effective by themselves but even more effective when used with fire suppression systems. For example, our early warning air sampling systems give you fire alarm services far in advance that will let you know something is wrong. Here is information on how these systems work and how they protect your business.

What is Early Air Sampling?

Most homes and businesses in Iowa have standard smoke detectors that can detect fire in its incipient stage. This technology is effective, but many businesses want something better. Early air sampling takes smoke and fire detection to another level. These fire alarm services have two parts, a detection unit and a network of piping.

The piping passes through all major parts of a facility. Perforated pipe can retrieve air samples from all over. Piping connects to an aspirator mechanism which creates a vacuum, pulling in air through the perforations. Continuous air samples make their way to the detection unit. On the way to the detector, air passes through a filter to remove large dust particles which interfere with the detection process.

Once the air reaches the detector, it is tested for combustion particles. The detection system is highly sensitive and uses lasers. If the detection unit finds signs of combustion, it produces an alarm.


Early warning air sampling provides the most advanced warning system for fires. This keeps contamination to a minimum and lets you take immediate action when a fire starts.