How Do Fire Alarm Systems Work?

Fire emergencies are among the most serious that can occur on a given property. For this reason, it is vital for those responsible for the safety of a building, office, or facility to have proper fire detection systems and alarms in place. At Getz Fire Equipment we provide fire detection technology and fire alarm systems that function efficiently and reliably to warn of emerging fire threats.

Although everyone knows that fires are an exceptionally dangerous threat to life and property, some businesses and organizations fail to provide the proper measures to warn of and mitigate these threats.

Fire Alarm Systems

A fire alarm system is a crucial aspect of any fire protection system. Alarm systems generally warn people that a fire is occurring, and that they need to evacuate the premises, or take other precautions they might have been trained to perform in case of a fire.

This type of system can be triggered automatically by heat detectors or smoke detectors. These detectors are set to identify specific levels of smoke or heat that indicates a fire is present. When this detection occurs, other devices, such as a siren, flashing lights, etc. may be triggered to alert occupants inside of the building

SignFire Detector – Protecting Lives

At Getz Fire Equipment, we offer a fire alarm system that can sense fires in the very beginning stages. This type of detection technology allows individuals inside of a structure to have as much time as possible to leave the structure safely before greater danger develops.

Our fire detector product – SignFire detector – is capable of tracking the smoke of the fire back to its origination point. It does this by utilizing a special camera. In addition, we sell other fire detection devices to help companies provide fire safety within their buildings.

An Essential Investment

The investment of having effective fire alarm systems installed can pay significant dividends when the systems warn individuals of an emerging fire emergency. It can save lives, and property.

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