How Does a Kitchen Fire Suppression System Work?

If you are in the restaurant business, having ample fire protection for your customers and employees is crucial. By having a restaurant fire system installed, you can help suppress the flames the moment they are detected, saving both your restaurant and everyone in it from potential harm.

So how does a system like this work? Mounted in the kitchen hood exhaust, several nozzles hang just above the source of heat for various cooking appliances, such as grills or a fryer. Fuse links or other detection means are designed to detect extreme levels of heat and spray a mixture of chemicals that quickly extinguishes the fire and cools hot surfaces while creating a blanket to prevent re-flash. Along with the chemicals being dispensed onto the flames, once the fire suppression system is triggered, the gas line automatically shuts off, lessening the chance of the fire reigniting or staying lit. Having a restaurant fire system installed is a small investment in the safety of your employees and customers alike.

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