How Fire Detection Systems Work & How Often They Should Be Tested

Fire alarm systems can differ from building to building. Each facility and building is different in terms of its floor plans, structure, and layout. These variations make it important to have effectively designed fire defense strategy that includes various elements, including a reliable fire alarm system that can save lives and property. These systems, however, must be tested on a certain recurring basis in order to ensure their reliability. At Getz Fire Equipment Co., we can help you with your fire detection system inspection requirements.

One type of fire detection system we offer at Getz Fire Equipment Co. is called the SigniFire detector. It can identify the source of smoke from the fire at its very initial stage. In addition, we provide other fire detection products to enable your organization or business to effectively handle any possible fire emergency.

Testing, inspection, and maintenance requirements for fire alarm systems, including notification appliances and initiating devices are found in the National Fire Protection Associations Code, NFPA 72 of Chapter 14. The purpose of the inspection, testing, and maintenance requirements is to help ensure the proper operation of a fire alarm system according to its design documents.

Visual Inspection

In-house visual inspections are to be performed weekly, monthly, semiannually, and/or annually based on NFPA 72 schedules as shown in table 14.3.1. These schedules can vary or change based on the local jurisdiction in the authority that has jurisdiction.

Fire Alarm Testing

Fire alarm component testing is a more detailed procedure than a visual inspection and they are also scheduled much less often. Alarms have relatively few components that need to be tested twice a year, these components can be tested once a year based on table of the NFPA 72.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Based on the manufacturer’s published instructions, the maintenance schedule of fire alarm components is determined. Environmental conditions and the type of equipment are two factors affecting the frequency of inspection and maintenance schedule. The environment in which the fire alarm system is installed can determine any appropriate cleaning of the fire alarm system components if any component of the system is repaired or replaced, it may be necessary to conduct testing according to NFPA 72, table

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