How Often are Fire Extinguishers Serviced and Who Does the Work?

Fire extinguishers are essential devices to have in proper locations within a facility or building. These devices can be picked up and used on a moment’s notice when a fire emergency occurs. OSHA requires employers to perform a visual inspection that evaluates the condition of portable fire extinguishers routine basis – specifically, one time per month. Employers must also conduct a maintenance check on the portable fire extinguishers in their workplace one time per year through a licensed professional. This means they must provide a thorough examination and make any repairs as necessary to all portable fire extinguishers within the facility. At Getz Fire Protection Company, we provide thorough fire extinguisher inspection services for businesses.

Annual Maintenance

On a yearly basis, fire extinguishers are to be inspected through the services of a professional fire protection company. These companies have the necessary personnel, training, and tools to ensure code compliance. They can recognize hazardous situations relating to fire extinguishers and make corrections as needed. If a fire extinguisher passes the annual maintenance check, it is given a dated inspection tag which is valid for one year from the date given. Any fire extinguisher that fails the inspection must be repaired or replaced.

Internal Maintenance Inspection

There is also an internal maintenance inspection that must also be provided by a fire protection company. The process of internal maintenance testing consists of a complete discharging of the fire extinguisher. The extinguisher is examined internally and recharged to make sure it is working properly. Dry chemical type extinguishers require a six-year internal examination and a 12-year hydrostatic test.

Extinguisher cylinders must also be tested on a periodic basis through hydrostatic testing to check their integrity and capability to hold the pressure within the vessel safely.

Hydrostatic testing of wet chemical extinguishers is typically done every five years.

By completing the proper testing and maintenance of the portable fire extinguishers in your workplace, you not only adhere to the relevant OSHA and NFPA requirements, but you also help ensure the safety of your workers as well as your business.

To ensure you stay up-to-date with your fire extinguisher inspection requirements, be sure to contact our team at Getz Fire Equipment Company today.