How Often Should Fire Safety Training Be Carried Out?

Any type of fire can be a very devastating and shocking experience for those involved. Regardless of how the fire begins, is important for employees of businesses to understand what to do if a fire occurs. Through proper training, fire safety can be increased and the potential for casualties can be lessened in many cases or prevented completely. As far as how often should fire safety training be carried out, the answer may depend on local and state codes that govern this type of training. At Getz Fire Equipment Company, we can provide you with additional information on this and any other questions concerning our safety training.

However, routine training of some type should be conducted, whether it is on a semi-annual or annual basis, in order to keep employees up-to-date about the course of action to take in case of a fire emergency.


One of the main reasons why individuals need to learn fire safety training is to acquire the knowledge necessary to respond properly and in a timely manner during a fire. Fires can cause panic and leave people confused about what to do. Training is essential to give employees the skills and situational awareness they need to make quick but effective decisions – these decisions can potentially save their lives and others.

Proper Preparation

Fire safety training is effectively a contingency plan that helps people know exactly what to do when fire tragedy strikes. There are various responses that are needed when the threat of fire is present. Unnecessary delays cannot happen when lives and property are at stake. With proper training, the signs of fire can be detected, including a burning smell or visible smoke. Training will help reinforce that these signs are not ignored.

How often should fire safety training be carried out? A routine training schedule should be established such that the knowledge and skills they need to be reinforced in the minds of those attending the training will stay with the individual until the next safety training session occurs. When fire extinguishers are provided for employee use OSHA requires that education be provided upon initial employment and at least annually thereafter.

Using Fire Fighting Tools

Fire safety training is essential in order to learn not only were to go during a fire, but also in some cases how to fight fire with available firefighting tools such as a fire extinguisher.

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