How to Conduct a Fire Door Inspection

Fire doors prevent the spread of smoke, flames and toxic gasses, making them a crucial part of every building’s fire-protection system.

To ensure that they do their job when needed most, fire doors and their components require routine inspection, maintenance and, when needed, replacement.

Changing standards over the last several decades created a great deal of confusion over what’s required when it comes to fire door inspections. The professionals at Getz Fire Equipment Co. are here to help.

The latest edition of National Fire Protection Association NFPA 80: Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives, mandates that inspection of commercial fire doors and components be conducted annually by a certified fire professional.

To ensure maximum safety, we also recommend that an employee trained in fire door components, operations and maintenance conduct routine inspections—on a monthly or quarterly basis—to ensure that they remain in good working order.

fire door inspection

How to Conduct a Fire Door Inspection

  • Keep all fire doors and evacuation pathways clear of anything that could trip personnel during an emergency exit.
  • Check that fire door exit signs are brightly lit and visible.
  • Check for holes or any type of break in the surface of the doors and frames. Ensure that latches, hinges and thresholds are aligned and secure.
  • Clean and lubricate hinges so doors open and close easily.
  • Test that the self-closing device is operational and that the doors close completely from the full-open position.
  • Remove any extra hardware or door stops that would void the fire door designation.
  • Verify that all seals and edging are tight and remain flexible. Smoke and gasses can escape through hardened or cracked seals.
  • Record all inspections and store in a secure location for three years.

When it comes to fire door inspections, our team at Getz Fire Equipment Company is here to help and ready to take your call. We provide thorough, fair inspections to ensure your property and people remain safe.

As a certified fire door inspector, you can depend on the professionals at Getz for fast, reliable service. We will arrive on time and get the job done for you right away. Contact us to learn more about the fire door inspection services we offer.