How to Educate Your Staff on the Importance of Fire Safety in the Workplace

Many of us will live our entire lives without ever experiencing an office fire. Despite how rare these occurrences may be, all employees must understand the building’s fire safety plan, where to locate safe exits, and how the fire alarm system works. Additionally, it can be highly beneficial to have staff properly trained on how to operate a fire extinguisher in the event of a small fire. Getz Fire Equipment specializes in supplying the very best in fire safety equipment to businesses throughout Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. We also offer fire extinguisher training services to help you be proactive and prevent small fires from becoming large events. Wondering how to go about educating your staff on fire safety? Here are some easy-to-follow tips.

Host a Mandatory Fire Safety Seminar

To help emphasize the importance of fire safety in the workplace, it can be highly effective to host a short seminar on the dangers of fire, how your unique fire alarm or fire suppression system works, how a fire extinguisher works, and where the safe exists are throughout the building. It can also be beneficial to pinpoint any distinct fire hazards you have in your business, and how to minimize any danger associated with that equipment. Some companies may choose to educate their staff via informational videos or online training sessions. While there may be some benefits to using these tools, the most effective way to communicate the importance of fire safety is by having an in-person educational session. Keep your employees well-trained and prepared in the event of a fire by conducting a short fire safety seminar once a year.

Show What Can Happen if a Fire Gets Out of Control

As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. In the case of fire safety, showing your employees images of a workplace fire can help them gain perspective on the importance of fire safety. While you never want to instill fear into your employees, having real-world examples can help prevent people from thinking “it will never happen to me”, and inspire them to take more serious steps towards being fire-safe. Extreme property damage, injury, and even death can all occur from workplace fires. Make sure your staff is aware of the danger, and the best fire safety procedures to follow.

Practice Fire Drills

Many of us remember having regular fire drills throughout grade school and high school. When is the last time you performed one in your office? It can be incredibly beneficial to have your entire office conduct a fire drill at least once a year, to help ensure everyone knows where to exit, where to gather, and the safe routes to take from any area of the building. Through practice, you can also improve how quickly you can safely exit the building.

Train Staff on How to Properly Use a Fire Extinguisher

Getz Fire offers extensive fire extinguisher training services to help your employees feel prepared in the event of a small fire. We will help your employees understand how to activate the extinguisher, properly aim the nozzle, and use effective spray patterns when extinguishing the flames. All Getz fire extinguisher training services are performed on controlled fires, within a controlled fire zone. We also offer extensive fire extinguisher inspection and repair services to help you maintain a properly functioning unit for years to come.

Comprehensive fire safety education is crucial for any workplace. Invest in the very best fire safety equipment and training services with Getz Fire. We help businesses throughout Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri create turnkey fire safety solutions for their workplace application. Call today at 800-747-3473, or check out our website to browse our impressive inventory.