How to Suppress a Kitchen Fire

Any size fire can make people panic. They need to know the appropriate fire extinguisher to deal with a fire before it becomes so large that you need to contact the fire department. We help you teach your employees how to use fire extinguishers and select the correct and appropriate model every time. For example, a kitchen fire involving fat, oil or grease requires a class K fire extinguisher.

This is a supplement to your fire suppression system, and it is a requirement that it is installed in commercial kitchens. It is to be used after the suppression system has been activated. Using a water-filled extinguisher will only exacerbate your problem, and could spread the fire further across your kitchen.

Do Not Leave Your Cooking Without Staying in The Kitchen

Setting some food to cook and going outside for a short break may be a regular habit for many employees, but by leaving the food unattended, any cooking environment could rapidly turn into a fire. This is true when you leave combustible material, like paper towels, wooden utensils or food packaging close to the cooking area. You will quickly need to turn to the aid of your class K fire extinguisher, providing you have been properly trained in its use.

Prevent a Buildup of Fat, Oil or Grease in Your Kitchen

While cooking is the backbone of your kitchen, keeping your kitchen clean is also paramount. Without proper cleaning, you will experience a buildup of flammable materials. In the event that these materials do catch fire, the flare up can be kept under control by the quick action of an individual trained with a class K fire extinguisher as part of the fire suppression system.

The addition of smoke alarms close to your kitchen will help bring a small fire to your attention at the earliest possible moment. If you never leave the kitchen while food is cooking and at any time when you’re catering equipment is live, or hot, you will save yourself from experiences you choose to avoid.

We can supply you with products and training for the purchase and use of class K fire extinguishers and other models for virtually every type of fire that you may meet in your business.