How to Test a Blackflow Preventer

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Backflow into water systems has the potential to create serious health hazards, given it can introduce harmful impurities into the drinking water we rely on. Backflow preventers eliminate the potential for such contamination given they are safety valves that allow the free flow of water in one direction only.

Water held in sprinkler systems is one potential problem area for contamination, which is why backflow preventers must be installed in fire suppression systems and inspected annually by a licensed company.


How to Test a Backflow Preventer

Annual testing simulates how the device will act in a backflow situation and verify that it is operating properly.

Every backflow device has test ports built into it. A backflow prevention testing technician will connect a test kit to the device and verify that it is operating properly. Water to the device must be temporarily shut off to perform the test.

In order to provide a safe, clean drinking water system and to protect the ground water supply from contamination, an ongoing Cross-Connection Control Program (CCCP) is required. Plumbing cross-connections, which are defined as actual or potential connections between a potable (drinkable) and non-potable (non-drinkable) water supply, are regulated by OSHA, and environmental and public health agencies.

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