Importance of Class K Fire Extinguishers

For a lot of us, the kitchen is our happy place. Professional chefs and cooking-enthusiasts alike get the opportunity to be creative with something everyone will enjoy. As much time as we spend cooking in the kitchen, many of us may be operating dangerous equipment without the proper fire extinguisher available for use. While Class A, B, C, and D all have their intended applications, every commercial kitchen and restaurant should have a Class K fire extinguisher, specially designed for use with combustible cooking materials like oils, greases, fats, and solid fuels. Getz Fire Equipment is dedicated to supplying and installing various fire safety equipment across Iowa and Illinois. We recommend every commercial kitchen and restaurant owner have a Class K fire extinguisher in close proximity to all of their cooking equipment, and maintain the extinguishers on a routine basis. Here is a breakdown of how Class K fire extinguishers work.

Intended for Liquid Fires on Cooking Media

Not to be confused with Class B fire extinguishers intended for flammable liquids like oils and gasoline, Class K fire extinguishers are specially designed to suppress fires that are fueled by various cooking media. Foods, oils, grease, fats, and other cooking media can be exceptionally dangerous when close to an open flame. In fact, two out of every five residential fires are started in the kitchen. Having a class K fire extinguisher is truly one of the first lines of defense you have in the event of a small fire in the kitchen, and can prevent a potentially catastrophic fire from occurring in your restaurant.

Great in Addition to Commercial Kitchen Fire System

Many commercial kitchens have a kitchen fire suppression system already built in above major cooking appliances like gas burners and grills. While these are incredibly effective systems, having an additional Class k fire extinguisher can help you fight any small kitchen fires that start in less expected areas, like an oven or microwave that is not covered by the suppression system. Additionally, it can serve as back up support should any flammable food media spread away from the main source of the flames. You should only activate a Class K fire extinguisher in commercial kitchen settings after the restaurant fire system is no longer running, and the fuel line has been shut off.

As your premier source for quality fire safety equipment in Iowa and Illinois, Getz Fire has an expansive inventory of numerous fire suppression systems and pieces of fire suppression equipment— including Class K fire extinguishers. Ensure your commercial kitchen or restaurant is well protected, no matter how often you find yourself cooking. Invest in a Class K fire extinguisher from Getz Fire today! Want to learn more? Give us a call us today at 800-747-3473, or check out our website to browse our impressive inventory.