Importance of Special Hazard Fire Protection Systems

Special hazard fire suppression systems are utilized to quench fires without the costly water damage caused by sprinkler systems. At Getz Fire Equipment Co., we can provide you with special hazard fire suppression systems that can help you achieve excellent protection against fire, while minimizing the destruction of valuable equipment.

Protecting Against Special Hazards

Special hazards can comprise a number of different elements, including assets that are irreplaceable, expensive equipment, and hazardous materials. If your building contains these hazards, standard fire sprinkler systems may not be adequate to provide the necessary fire protection in these areas. Some examples of places in which special hazard fire protection is often needed include data centers, power or chemical plants, historical archives, aircraft hangars, and museums.

Special Hazards Fire Protection Benefits

With the installation of a fire suppression system, you can help ensure your valuable assets are protected as much as possible. Special hazard fire suppression delivers efficient, fast acting fire extinguishing capabilities. This helps ensure minimal damage to your building and property, saving you money on more costly repairs and downtime.

In many cases, special hazard fire protection systems utilize clean agents that do not leave an undesirable residue behind. No cleanup is required with the use of clean agents helping minimize the amount of downtime and revenue loss after a fire event. Clean agents also do not damage important and sensitive assets such as historical artifacts or art galleries.

At Getz Fire Equipment Co., our team of fire protection technicians is able to provide you with a special hazard fire protection system that is ideal for protecting your assets. We can help you determine the right system based on the particular special hazards present in your building structure. We are also able to service your system, providing maintenance and repair as needed to ensure your property and valuable items are properly protected from fire emergencies throughout the year.

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