Industrial Kitchen Fire Suppression System: Installation Process & Regulatory Requirements

Restaurants with commercial kitchens in Iowa or Illinois have a higher risk of fire than many other types of businesses. The risks of fire can grow due to certain modernizations that have taken place in the commercial kitchen, including appliances that heat up faster than ever before and also cool down slowly. In addition, the use of vegetable-based cooking oils that heat up to a much higher temperature at a much faster pace than animal-based oils can also raise the risks of a fire breaking out. It is highly important to have a fully functioning fire suppression system in these environments for the safety of human life and property.

Fire Suppression Systems

At Getz Fire Equipment, we utilize modern materials, technology, and engineering to provide highly effective fire suppression solutions for restaurants and their commercial kitchens. The potential for fire is increased in the food service industry due to:

  • The presence of greases and oils which are highly flammable
  • The fast-paced nature of restaurant kitchens
  • Equipment that produces heat sources that are highly efficient
  • Gas and power lines

A properly installed fire suppression system in a commercial kitchen can enable a quick, effective response to any fire emergency.

Fire Suppression Installation

A kitchen fire suppression installation is designed to protect a number of areas in a commercial kitchen, including:

  • Range tops, griddles, and fryers
  • Char-broilers and woks
  • Natural charcoal, upright, and chain type broilers
  • Ventilating equipment (i.e. ducks, hoods, filters, and plenums)

Fire Suppression Inspections

Commercial kitchen fire suppression systems must be inspected on a routine basis, sometimes semiannually, in order to make sure they continue to function correctly and have the ability to protect human life and property from any potential conflagration.

Kitchen fire protection system inspection must be carried out by trained, licensed, and authorized technicians to make sure these systems are correctly set up according to required safety standards and are in compliance with code standards. For information about our fire suppression system services, call our team today at 800.747.3473 or complete our contact form.