Is Your Delicate Electronic Equipment Protected from Fire?

Computer and lab equipment may be damaged beyond repair when they are affected by a fire. Keeping a halon fire extinguisher as part of your Iowa Fire equipment may save your data because halon is a relatively clean agent. It is a compressed gas that halts the spreading of fire by disrupting the combustion, chemically. It does not leave a residue after evaporating.

This is extremely helpful around delicate equipment, as the residue of other firefighting equipment agents can damage fragile equipment.

How halon fire extinguishers operate

As a Halon fire extinguisher discharges as a gas, it proves extremely valuable for use in tight spaces, which explains its use within the aircraft industry. Your Iowa Fire equipment arsenal will not be complete without a Halon fire extinguisher. Having one readily available around delicate computer or lab equipment can save you from devastating fire damage. For the technically minded, Halon is effective for class B flammable liquid fires and class C electrical fires. It is also valuable for class A fires, usually linked with common combustibles. Having been proven as an extremely useful chemically stable compound, these extinguishers have been available for decades, both for their fire and explosion protection abilities.

We will be pleased to discuss these and other Iowa Fire equipment to ensure that you create the best protection for your workplace or home. It is our wish to ensure that you have the right products to complete the best job should the occasion occur when a fire breaks out within your property.