Keeping You Safe with Fire Suppression Products and Systems

Restaurants can be exciting places to work. Not only do you get the drama behind the kitchen doors, you get great food, teamwork, and interesting clients. Of course, cooking involves a lot of fire, and there’s always a chance that a spark could go out of control. Here are some much-needed tips to ensure fire accidents won’t happen in your kitchen:

Install a restaurant fire suppression system

This should be on top of your list of safety to do’s. Activating the suppression system shuts down the electricity to the cooking equipment, and cuts the fuel supply, reducing the risks of a fire accident.

Schedule regular maintenance

Your fire protection systems need to be regularly checked out; make sure you have regular maintenance checks, and service. If there’s anything wrong with the system, or if a problem occurs, get it fixed right away. If you wait too long between maintenance checks, then you’re not fixing those problems as quickly as you should. This could lead to those problems growing worse. If you don’t like the thought of having to pay for expensive repairs, nip problems in the bud with regular checks and inspections.

So keep your restaurant, employees, and customers safe with suppression system! Call us for more details.