Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Helps Keep Your Kitchen Safe

If you run a restaurant, then the risk of a building fire is always present. Meal preparations, after all, involve a lot of heat, and fire. If you don’t want any costly repairs or renovations, you’ll do your best to ensure your food, not your kitchen, is the only thing heating up.

The Facts

The U.S. Fire Administration says about $37 million in property loss every year is caused by grill fires, with almost half of those fires occurring between 5:00 to 8:00 in the evening. In addition, 57-percent of these fires happen from May to August. About 79 percent of these fires involve the use of gas grills. Leaks, as well as breaks in pipes, and containers, are some of the most-common causes of a fire, along with mechanical failure.

Clean Your Exhaust

One way to keep you and your staff safe is to regularly schedule kitchen exhaust cleaning. Over time, grease builds up in your exhaust system. Too much grease could lead to a fire. That’s the last thing you want to happen, so make sure you clean and clear the grease as much as possible.

Set a cleaning schedule

Don’t leave your safety to luck. Set a schedule for your kitchen exhaust cleaning. Go with monthly, semiannual, or annual cleanup sessions. This will ensure your exhaust operates at peak efficiency, at all times. Monthly sessions are ideal if you use a lot of solid fuels, such as charcoal, or wood. If you run on a more moderate volume, however, then going for semiannual sessions should suffice. If you don’t do much cooking, or only have low-volume cooking affairs, then annual cleanups be all you need to keep your system in top form.

So don’t let grease buildup cause problems in your kitchen. Contact Getz Fire, today, for all of your kitchen exhaust cleaning needs!