Knowing Fire Alarm Systems Helps You Save on Property Damage and Loss of Life

The National Fire Protection Association says there were about 1,298,000 fires that occurred in 2014. The numbers rose up by 4.7 percent from the records recorded in the previous year, with about 3,275 people losing their lives to the fire. When you do the math, that gives you about one death every 2 hours and 41 minutes. And then you have the injury count, with 15,775 people sustaining injuries from a fire. Break that down and you have one person getting injured in a fire for every 33 minutes. The numbers are staggering and they don’t end there.

With these many casualties, about $11 billion in property damage has bent spent, with 494,000 structure fires happening across the US. The numbers show a slight jump of 1.3 percent from 2013.

Fire Alarms

One way to improve the situation is to install fire alarm systems. With one in place, you and your office, business or commercial property have a layer of security you could fall back on. When fires break out in the night, with no warning, it could put a lot of inventory and people in danger. By installing warning systems, you can protect against huge property losses and save lives.


Whether you’re renting out your property or have your own business, having a fire alarm benefits you as a property and business owner. If a fire breaks out in your pantry, not everyone is going to know right away. Chances are that people are going to be busy doing their job. With a fire alarm, there is an easy and quick way to uniformly tell everyone that there is a fire right away. That’s key to ensuring people vacate the premises as soon as possible.

Also, fire alarms are connected to your local fire department, allowing faster-response time to happen. The sooner help arrives on your property, the less damage and property loss you’ll deal with.

Getting Help

Getz Fire Equipment Company has been in operation since 1957, providing fire protection solutions to commercial and industrial businesses. With 59 years of experience and counting, our alarm applications provide you the necessary safety and protection you need to minimize property damage and save lives. You must be safe on every level of your business. Keep your commercial property as well as your employees protected from fire hazards. Call us for a quote today.