Popular Fire Extinguisher Services and Their Importance

Most of us never have the intention of being involved in a fire. However, through unfortunate circumstances, the risk of a fire in the workplace or home is ever-present. Whether it is a kitchen, electrical, smoking or heater fire, most would agree it is crucial we have fire extinguisher services in place. Three of the more common types of fire extinguisher services are fire suppression systems, fire alarms, and fire sprinklers.

Workplace Fire Suppression

When trying to maintain the safety of employees and customers, one option to consider is a fire suppression system. There are varying types of fire suppression systems to guarantee that there is an option to best fit your company. Unlike a normal handheld fire extinguisher, fire suppression systems can release an extinguishing product quickly and efficiently throughout all rooms. They are controlled either manually or automatically and programmed to activate during specific conditions.

Fire Alarms

It is likely that many of us have fire alarms in our businesses to alert occupants and give them the time required to evacuate and escape a fire no matter the size of building. Fire alarm systems must meet local, state and national codes. Additionally, it is recommended that professionals aid in the installation to ensure the unique needs of each different building is met and the alarm works properly. From a hotel to a restaurant to doctors and lawyers offices, each business will benefit form a working fire alarm.

Fire Sprinklers

Water is well-known as an arch nemesis of fire, but there are other ways a fire sprinkler system can help you besides extinguishing the flames. Fire sprinklers can also reduce the heat and levels of smoke that occur during a fire, making them one of the most popular fire extinguisher services available on the market. They can respond well before the firefighters are able to arrive. Fire sprinklers are capable of being installed in almost any area to cover every inch of a building.

When considering various types of fire extinguisher services, study the size and type of building you are needing to protect. Getz Fire are experts in installing and maintaining all sorts of fire extinguisher products. If you are in need of fire prevention help, we are just a click or call away.